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  • Birthday 1982-07-27

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    space-sims, FPV drones, beginner skateboarding,
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    I'm completely new to gaming computers, I only started buying parts because I wanted to be able to run FPV simulators, but once I started I really wanted to get more into high performance gaming.
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    Warehouse Laborer, fabric-distributor in Hawaii (mostly distributing fabric for Hawaiian shirts)


  • CPU
    i7 4790k
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    16gb 1600
  • GPU
    gtx 1050 ti
  • Case
    aero-cool x-strike
  • Storage
    240gb pny ssd
  • PSU
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    vizio old tv
  • Cooling
    tower air cooler, bottom mounted intake fan, rear mounted exhaust fan
  • Sound
    block rocker into headphone jack
  • Operating System
    windows 10

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  1. tsmspace

    planning an arduino game controller

    Thanks all so far. Vjoy runs my fpv transmitter , so its not completely alien to me. I have a pro nano v3, with 8 analog inputs, and 14 digital inputs. I definately need two triggers per side, and a 4 button xyab on right thumb, but have to then choose between the remaining 4 buttons left, and stick presses. Basically, I think that the thumb presses are the easier ones, meaning i will axe trigger stick press first, thumb press second. ... but i can probably keep the thumb presses to make 14 digital buttons since thats all i will need to connect to. Heres more pics of the layout. Wiring is be careful, but programming might take forever.....
  2. tsmspace

    planning an arduino game controller

    I actually only need six, but two things, you're right, 8 is a lot to keep track of, therefore so is TWO per new finger. (so maybe I will only use one per finger at first),,, and secondly, well, if I'm going to put one stick for a pointer finger, I might as well put two, one for each finger, besides, I don't know how I will prefer to use them. as for the games, I am playing a few games that (either by default or with "flight assist off") allow for inertial "newtonian" thrust physics, and have 6 axis control. so, up-down left-right forward-reverse pitch yaw roll. I have a configuration where roll is on the triggers (which share the "z axis") and where forward reverse is on stick presses, with the remaining axis on the joysticks, but want all six on joysticks.
  3. tsmspace

    planning an arduino game controller

    Basically heres my plan 20190818_171659.mp4
  4. tsmspace

    planning an arduino game controller

    I will get back to you later. but thanks! I have some arduino experience, and I'm not a programmer or anything. I culminated in using two joysticks to control a 3dof leg for a quadruped robot. I QUIT the project when I would have had to use the atan2 function to have smooth transitions across 0 degrees for the x,y,z of the other feet (I used a simply xyz for the foot, which had 3 axis of the joysticks control them, which calculated the servo positions, just like the popular "tote" project). ,,, since I didn't use atan2, and upon studying it a bit I didn't really get it and needed to go do more math or something first,,, I just switched to FPV drones as a hobby and dropped everything. later, I would be unable to afford the continuous flow of batteries it takes to fly FPV, and switch (very recently actually) to trying to buy a gaming computer and playing some games I always dreamed about.. but now the dang games dont' even exist, and neither does the required controller. what the heck is wrong with people!!!
  5. well, my game controller doesn't work. that's because it is a standard x-box type and only has two sticks, while I want four. Luckily, I used to have a bunch of arduino stuff, and already have all the parts I need to put together an arduino controller with four sticks, one for each thumb, and one for each pointer finger., then I'll try and put a bunch of buttons around. I will put some as triggers on the back with the pointer sticks, and some for the thumbs like xbox. Thinking out loud I'm not sure if an uno has enough pins to run the operation, I might need to use a register or io shield, I have some stuff that might do it. What I don't know , is what's a good way to take all the parts and wires, but then PROGRAM them to work like any other game controller, so that I can play my favorite games. Normally in controller configurations there are PLENTY of axis options, so that it LOOKS like if i set up a stick, I should be able to assign it to an axis in the game, , but I really have never tried such a thing, when I built a controller for my arduino it was only to control other arduino parts, and I could just use the pwm readings to control x,y,z coordinates or something in a simple code. I know there are nothing but tutorials, which I will use, but I'm going to buy a drill, and wanted to see if there are any other enthusiasts with recommendations on what is the better plan , or the more popular well supported "driver" options. I haven't played with my arduinos in over 2 years, I might as well have no idea what I'm doing. Thanks!! I also would love to talk theory about my plans for the controller in space sims!! any fans of Starmade??
  6. tsmspace

    performance game controllers???

    signature test!
  7. tsmspace

    performance game controllers???

    I thought I had specs on my profile but it must not be the signature.... I'm a newbie, and my gear will change, I just bought parts for a ryzen5 2600 build, 16gb 2400 which is all together but not what i use. I have an i7 4790k, gtx 1050ti, 16gb ddr3, 240gb sata ssd. rock-candy controller, nothing special for keys and mouse. nothing special for a screen. I'm running windows 10, playing nothing particularly demanding, almost all "indie" titles. favorites: Velocidrone, Starmade, Astrokill, ThrustandShoot, DEmankinddivided, occasionally Liftoff and recently lots of TeamFortress. I do exactly zero video editing, photo editing or work of any kind. My goal is to start using Windows Mixed Reality for space sims, but unfortunately exactly zero of the mainstream space-sim titles offer what I desire in a game. In fact, some of them are downright infuriating.
  8. tsmspace

    performance game controllers???

    I know about the steele series stratus, and some of the features it offers, but I want to know more about popular performance controllers. what my problem is, is that the precision of my basic rock candy controller isn't really very nice. basically it's still hard to go anywhere between zero and full rotation. Because I'm playing space shooters, I really want more precision on my rotation axis' , roll, pitch and yaw. (for aiming accuracy and navigation control). Throttle isn't so much of a concern, even buttons are usable with pulsing, but even still I think that throttle control could benefit. True, only two joysticks is a pain in my butt, and really I want joysticks for my trigger fingers also. 4 joysticks would cover 6 axis control, and leave room for another axis on each pointer finger, like. but mostly I want LONGER sticks (similar to FPV drone controllers), and I want more precision on the position of the sticks. basically, that's tuned just like FPV drone controller expo, so that even though electronics dont' respond linearly to linear resistance changes, the program DOES do so. The Steele Series stratus xl had some relavent features, but had a stupid problem where the left trigger didn't work like an axis control, even though it was programmed in the driver to be one. it just bounced like,,, so that it fired billions of bullets, but also placed billions of block in minecraft, and was completely unusable in space sims as an axis control. (like, erratic, didn't respond at all to button presses, etc. randomly caused my ship to roll or constantly caused roll). Steele Series needs to either accurately describe their hardware, or fire someone. but my real question is, where should i look for better precision on the sticks?? what about custom stick layouts, with more sticks??
  9. I already have both installed. I did a Eungine, it ran better than a gtx 1050ti in my other computer,,, what do you mean directx 12 and vulcan,,,, so, If I have a 7970 and a 7950 slave installed in crossfire enabled, if a game runs vulcan, it will automatically split the load , and this would apply even if I did not have crossfire cable ?? The only more modern title I'm actually playing is Duesex mankind divided. Other games are indie:: Starmade, Astrokill, Velocidrone, , freerider, liftoff, and ThrustandShoot ,, ..... all running on the Gtx 1050ti btw. I plan to run the DRL simulator on my crossfire setup (which has a b350 rogstrix and a r5 2600). I scored about 4500 on the i7 4790k gtx 1050ti and about 5500 on the r5 2600 7970-7950 crossfire running the win10 eungine benchmark. I never ran the DEMD benchmark on the r5, but got about 45 fps avg on the i7. ... I don't know what graphics engine demd uses. I was planning to get the halo mcc and probably something like doom or wolfenstien, but am satisfying myself with a linux(lubuntu) build using a supermicro-x3470-r6950 and half-life 1 & now 2 (orange pack on steam). I am probably going to eventually upgrade the r5 2600 build with a newer nvidia model, probably 200-300 range at the time of purchase, but may look used market. actually I am wondering about that new minecraft skins, and also REALLY want to get into space-sim vr, so hopefully an r5 2600 build with fair graphics can offer,, don't have any goggles but astrokill is a MINIMUM STANDARD for a physics engine if I'm going to play,, I can't see playing something like Elite Dangerous where the ships can't yaw, because Top Gun, , or anything like x-wing where ships move only forward,,,, Thrust and Shoot is the flight model and Astrokill is the game-play model I'm hoping for., although Astrokill is the one if you have only a screen, and Starmade is the one if you want FPV racing, because you can minecraft yourself up a bunch of courses, then fly a super agile ship-core around with those 3d newtonian physics and controls that are focused on player friendly maneuvering, not ensuring a certain kind of dogfight can still happen. anyway,,, It seems like if the ORIGINAL crossfire of 7970 and 7950 tout were available when I try to run things, I should manage with what i have, it's just a question of will the 7950 do enough to count as "in there" or, should i take it out for better thermals, I have only fans and a tower heat sink. I don't really need the extra heat, it's Hawaii with no ac.
  10. I saw how nvidia is releasing updated sli cards that don't need a master/slave arrangement. Also, it is a common statement that dual graphics cards are less and less supported in software. In one way, I can see how this spells doom, because now game-makers can just let the cards sort it out, but in another way, I see how it could actually mean that if I have a radeon 7970 and 7950 in crossfire,, could I see improvements in performance when compared to right now, as future driver updates are released?? buying a new graphics card is out of the question in the near term, but by the time drivers might be released, of course I might have more opportunities,,, but then I have these graphics cards already, which play my old games just fine, my hope is to upgrade to some windows-mixed-reality steam gaming,,, what is the future going to be like?
  11. I have had this steele series controller for a while,,, I bought one for me and one for my dad at the same time. THey behave identically. Also, there are other posts around that describe the phenomenon, but I was hoping to access a more "in the know" crowd. the left trigger doesn't work like an axis control the way the right trigger does,,, instead the signal seems to just continuously bounce. (if I look at it on a position display). depressing the trigger during minecraft places untold millions of blocks, and often blocks just place at random. I can crank down the juice in the special custom 15 billion gigabytes big driver that also drives every other product steele series ever produced, including ordinary rocks in the lawn, ,, but it still is unreliable, and basically goes from constantly placing randomly to doesn't ever register a full press. My dads controller is the SAME,,, which is even worse because I bought it for him to use on mobile, and minecraft is basically unplayable. actually, my other games that I would game-controller with have secondary weapon on that trigger, which isn't going to help me sneak around. I bought one of those tri-bladed screwdrivers, and the common "glue" problem isn't wrong with mine, the pot enjoys nice smooth action,,, it's the firmware is my whole guess. Somone put debounce on the trigger or something,,, so that the trigger fires a billion bullets if you flutter it. But honestly, I don't billion bullet often, I want to fly my space games and play minecraft with mum and pops sometimes. Does anyone else have one of those, and what's up with that?? steele series offered to send me a new controller, but because so many seem to be the same I'm not going to pay shipping to have a newer but still useless controller. I'm hoping to download updated firmware. I can't see how the left trigger is broken on just every controller,,, but I CAN imagine a bunch of people liking the behavior.
  12. tsmspace

    space is expanding,,, wait what??

    secondly, try as I might I don't find an example where i can see plainly that they are sending one photon, despite how many times people talk about single-particle experiments. I just dont' see where they are sending and displaying the effects of a single particle. anyway, the suggestion of the dead cat, is that the particles are actually occupying all of the space of the diffraction until they actually hit. (which I have to admit sounds like malarky to me). assuming a constant beam of particles, I can understand the "bose noise cancelling effect", assuming the photons are still actually hitting the dark spots but not producing a visible effect. that doesn't really look like what's happening, because of the way the lines of visible light appear to be diffusing anyway.
  13. tsmspace

    space is expanding,,, wait what??

    right so talking about it, just a question that might be interesting. therefore the dark spots between the bars of light are still being hit by as many photons as they would be with only one slit (well, maybe doubleish),,, so although there is no visible light there is energy??? or not??
  14. tsmspace

    space is expanding,,, wait what??

    Ok I don't want to quote a billion, but on the double slit experiment:::: uh, that's not what's happening. What's happening, is on the photonic scale, the slit is HUGE. so, if a photon goes blasting down the middle of the slit, it will just shoot straight down and make the primary bright center. BUT,,, if the photon passes particularly close to one side of the slit or another, the path of the light will be refracted by the "energy" of the material it is close to. We can actually SEE the same phenomenon by looking closely at an object, such as our finger, and noticing the warping of the scene behind it. the waves aren't ... interacting ... the way the pond waves are. one photon is being refracted at a time. If you made a dot, instead of a slit, you would find a larger dot inside the box, with similar coloration. in that case, the refraction would be more omnidirectional,, but with a slit, you end up with a lot of the light going to one side or the other. two slits might have more to do with the colors instead of just white light, but I guess I don't really know. In other words, ---- I don't really understand that experiment and where people are coming up with wave particle duality.
  15. tsmspace

    space is expanding,,, wait what??

    Well, what you mean is, quantum predictions dont scale to observable size.