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  • Birthday Jul 27, 1982

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    space-sims, FPV drones, beginner skateboarding,
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    I'm completely new to gaming computers, I only started buying parts because I wanted to be able to run FPV simulators, but once I started I really wanted to get more into high performance gaming.
  • Occupation
    Warehouse Laborer, fabric-distributor in Hawaii (mostly distributing fabric for Hawaiian shirts)


  • CPU
    i7 4790k
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    16gb 1600
  • GPU
    gtx 1050 ti
  • Case
    aero-cool x-strike
  • Storage
    240gb pny ssd
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    vizio old tv
  • Cooling
    tower air cooler, bottom mounted intake fan, rear mounted exhaust fan
  • Sound
    block rocker into headphone jack
  • Operating System
    windows 10

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  1. I would be more than happy to send one to the netherlands. Sorry it's been a few days. I recently posted one to england, and it wasn't unbearably expensive, it's light and not too large. You are actually the right candidate, because you will be a newbie no matter what,, you won't wish you were "like that other game" you always play so it will be normal for you to be in a learning state. I also was not a very good controller player and can give you some tips on how to work your way up. Here's what I would like to do. I will private message you to talk in more detail, b
  2. it's believable that the motherboards are old. I don't have any new ones, everything is old. why should that matter I don't know, but there are a lot of parts on a motherboard so I guess there could be something that ages or is affected by handling over time.
  3. firstly, I've never bought a brand new high performance motherboard. I pretty much have either used or refurbished. the summary of my topic is rooted in this: I have an h61 motherboard with basically no features related to overclocking or otherwise high performance computing, and it boots really fast. I have some other motherboards with more overclocking functionality, and it certainly seems the more the board can do, the longer I have to wait for the computer to boot. This is no problem, it makes sense, if I want a fast boot it's probably for browsing, and if I'm going to game I
  4. then again what there is today could have never otherwise been. It's the seat of one of today's "High Councils"
  5. I'm not a developer, but I actually have used github a lot of times. Also, I think it's a model for other non-computer-dev activities that the future will hold, such as fan-fiction world development (star wars belongs to the people). Arduino is just a small step forward in the microcontroller environment, but it too should be world wonder. The way that github works, is that when you don't know something, you can go ask it somewhere, and people will answer. This is the present online AI, that people can go ask and answer questions and there will somehow be
  6. hmm.. it was delidded. it popped right off. how fun
  7. no. I spent some time inspecting the resistors on the underside,, but it doesn't have pins, because it's lga 1150, so it's all pads.
  8. I work in a warehouse,, but that would certainly look good there. maybe I could make like, a gun that launches cpus. it would be like the game cornhole but you would use your launcher.
  9. I bought a cpu on craigslist,, it was dead. so,, I tried it in two computers,, on my all-in-one by lenovo it would boot the motherboard and inform me there was a problem, but on my gaming computer it just wouldn't even get a screen image up. I could drill a hole in it or mount it to a hat..... but I just wanted to ask about any ideas for revival?? It would be fun to have an i7 4790 to make a toy ubuntu computer with,, and I just can't believe I've been had. I suppose there's no answer to this question other than replace the cpu. I am sure the cpu is dead,, the c
  10. well it's working fine. There's no gpu capability in the motherboard, it will only support integrated graphics, so I don't know how much of a workload I'll really be able to put on it. ,,, I guess a blown cpu and mobo would count in "harm in trying",, but I considered that and like I mentioned, you CAN buy oem boards for that computer, and I imagine that over time the price would go down, then I just need to use the original g3250t with that swapped board. Right, so the cpu should demand power, and the vrms should try to provide it correct?? they don't make the same kind of choke point that a
  11. Budget (including currency): unk Country: usa Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: long term extra computer Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): It's not designed to be modified. So, I upgraded an All-in-one I bought some few years ago,, it's a Lenovo B40-30 , it came stock with an intel G3250T and 4 gb of ram, and a hard drive. I installed a cheap ssd and an extra 4g of ram, and my computer was a bit
  12. Don't get too excited, I'm just your everyday nobody with a handful of ugly diy game controllers I am hoping to get some people to try out. The game controller is specific in it's design, and specifically I have a particular use case I'm interested in finding people to try out. The idea is that you can use the 4 joysticks to control 6 axis manual thrust space games. (none of that "automatic thrust" allowed). The perfect example is Simulation Mode in the game Orbital Racer. There's no shooting, but there's nothing but navigation all day. It's true, the better place to get sta
  13. I really like the idea that mining uses the compute power of the gpu,, as for the theory interest. Of course as soon as one looks at the idea of the computing power, they must wonder if there's something else besides graphics that could make use of the power. but I just feel pretty hopeless when looking to buy performance graphics cards just to have a fancy card to play with, I can't believe how mining has basically roofed the price of what otherwise should be really good for really affordable prices. most of my gaming just doesn't need nicer graphics, but if it were
  14. With FPV (and planes) drones,, you don't "get really good at moving just a tiny bit",, instead, you have first a slightly longer stick, then you tune your expo to your preference and to match your equipment and whether you are racing or stunt-flying. So why not game controllers?? Tons of game controllers are the worst experience ever,, the sticks deflect 60 degrees, but the change in value only happens in the middle 30 degrees. I don't know about the new PS5 controllers, but I'm going to ASSUME they are good, and the player can expect to have smooth change in rate across the entir