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  1. I'd define a Spinosaurus as peaking of the dinosaur species compared to a chicken wouldnt u? Please go on and explain it then ohh wise one.
  2. Yes we actually can find signs of sentience in fossils simply put evidence of intellegence let it be mass burials grave yards, etc etc basic things like this show signs that these past organisms cared for there dead and each other. Hence intelligence thats how we judge our ancestors and the way they interacted so thats how we will judge if other species are intellegent from the past as well. Yes I know that, what I 'm saying is that in the same time frame (OF VERY little time) many other species have filled multiple niches where as we have done nothing. Hence my idea that we are hitting a plateau as a species. This is backed up because about 40k years ago we invented agriculture and as far as we can tell once that occured humans were able to live safer, and much more cussier lives compared to what there ancestors lived like, they didnt' have to hunt and gather. All they would have to do is get a safe easy job to make money to which they would use to get food from a farmer for cheap. Thats my point is that we are plateauing as a species because in essence we have stopped the natural processes of evolution by simplifying advancing tech wise. Ok I suppose thats an argument to be made. I guess what I'm saying is that if u take just one species from both time periods and u look at how much they have evolved or changed in a meaningful manner that can be traced back. Then u can easily see humans haven't while all others have. I feel I have quite a good grasp of how it works, I'm simply trying to elaborate on the fact humans have stopped evolving where as if u look in the past others in this same time frame haven't. I'd like to see where my idea of evolution there is wrong please do point it out if possible.
  3. There's a book about this I've been wanting to read from Isaac Asimov can't remember the name of it. But what it was about is that in the future humans manage to colonize the galaxy but as they come to the end of it one royal family comes to control most of sectors. Which then start to fight because theres so to much area for that one monarch to govern. So his book goes on about this group of people that come to the king to ask for his help, what they wanted was to have him gather up as many scientists of all types from around the galaxy to start to collect and write down all the knowledge that they've learned up until this point as a species and as a civilization. They get the approval and they start the process, forget the name but I've been wanting to read it never get the time tho.... ://
  4. Ya ever since we created Agriculture we honestly stopped evolving. All because of the simple reason that instead of evolution deciding what humans survive by if they could find enough food for there children. Now its decided by if u can survive by working a SAFE job with no tigers, cougars, or predators trying to eat u as u scavenge for food. This makes it so EVERY human can survive which slows evolution to a halt and lets us control it now. That is partially what I'm getting at, thanks for being a bit more open minded unlike some people here....
  5. Getting shorter is not the change we are talking about here. Your just like the lactose guy. What is a dinosaur getting 4 inches shorter in becoming a new species filling niche. NO its not its the process of slow evolution nothing more
  6. No one said we're special like the way your thinking of it. What we are saying is that sapiens are the first to develop Sentience as far as we know looking back through the fossil record. Lactose isn't something I'm talking about those traits are next to nothing. What I'm saying is that Ever since our species was created aka the modern human about 40k years ago not much has changed. Where as with dinos they not only changed but they diversed from one organism into multiple niches that covered the air, ground, and water. Where as we had a few species that did the same thing with slight alterations to our design and look thats it. Then they started dying out and now were stuck here with humans that still haven't changed much and I honestly don't see any reason for us to change. We stopped evolving as we know the process to go ever since we created Agriculture is that perhaps why our species has plateaued because instead of survival of the fittest deciding our fate instead EVERY human has the chance to reproduce whether your diseased, disabled, old, whatever u can reproduce even if in the past u would have died 50 times over in that same instance.
  7. U missed my point bud. I said are we the end to a piece of our evolution. I know its hard to grasp but the best way I can describe it is if the dinosaurs were the peak for there species. Then it kinda platued for the next hundred million years. Where all that happened was that the species filled more niches but the core of who they are NEVER changed. With humans it feels like we have done the same, sure looking back 40k years for humans isn't the same as 40 million for dinosaurs. But I don't know it feels pretty similiar as to the fact not much as changed drasticly.
  8. I see your point moving these things around would be tricky specially if they tend to not like it moved at fast speeds. I've heard already of experiments with entangled electrons one on the ground and one up on a satellite so I suppose its relatively easy to protect the particle while in transit. Lets hope one day we do get such a network up in running I see it as computers were before we mastered them. Where we couldn't do much predicting on cpus like we can now so things were slow. But in time I imagine we can nail down the code used to communicate and then start to predict out whats being said to speed it up even more. But honestly I don't really see a need to speed up already INSTANT communication. I guess what we'd be predicting is the completning of words so it doesn't take forever to finish a word. For instance we can take multiple sets of entangled particles perhaps we find out certain particles are even better for certain letters or numbers. So we isolate per group what ones the best and make 10s or hundreds of that type to then speed up the process of creating all possible words and phrases with those set letters and numbers. Either way we can already entangled particles pretty well at this point we still go some fine tuning to do of course but this tech would actually be possible within the next 10-20 yrs or less. It likely wouldn't get the funding needed, but to me it sure seems like this would be high up on priorities specially for rover. Just going to mars we have to wait literally 20 minutes between sending messages. IMAGINE that u could INSTANTLY or with a couple milliseconds lag time control a rover ANYWHERE in the universe. The video and audio could be a problem sure but if we've figured out how to send info FTL already I imagine we can alter this method to do low quality versions of audio and video as well. If anyone wants to take my idea go right ahead, just credit me when u get famous for creating the first Quantum telegraph.
  9. What works Fine?? ya u have to download the images to see them why wouldnt they work alrit a daughter board either way doesn't matter LTT doesn't have a section for that. I'm not spending another 80 bucks for a brand new one just because a fucking 5 dollar daughter board is malfunctioning. Could u help me find an ebay listing or some niche site that would sell parts like this direct from factory. I mean it can't be to hard to find one, the board isnt that complex its just dealing with 2 sata power and 4 sata data ports all leading to 4 HDD ports. U know anywhere I could find one like this or does the manufacturer Kingwin sell them perhaps??
  10. Found the Model number it was on the amazon page thanks for all the help bud. Anyways its this: MKS-435TL All I need is a new motherboard for it do u know where I can get one.
  11. So a chromebook is literally what he needs. There are apps for him to do photo editing pretty sure he doesnt need photoshop meaning basic editing would do and there are MANY android apps that do this. So again don't bother with an ass low end windows PC, to much bloatware and the hardware can't run windows well anyway. If u still hate chromeOS then just delete the shit and install Linux on it. Now u get fully functioning programs u just have to do some tinkering which I imagine u can do especially if its for your dad. Wouldnt u rather give him a machine that will last not one that he will get ass tons of malware and viruses on aka cuz it just runs windows compared to giving him a striped down laptop that does everything he needs and the tougher things like photo editing a little worse but still usable. My point is that unless u wanna spend upwards of 1500 bucks USD your not getting a laptop that will last. Just the state of the market no one makes good ones anymore kinda sad.....
  12. Seems like he does nothing but use chrome or some other browser. If thats the case then don't bother on a shit low end Windows machine, get a chromebook for about 400 bucks that has better batterylife, can flip to be drawn on if needed and overall are much more durable and meant for honestly parents as well as stupid clumsy college students. The one I like the most currently: Amazon link video review
  13. I'm guessing its an issue with a corrupted file when u downloaded it. That or try to play with the settings in video to see if its fixed by lowering render distance.