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  1. 120 bucks for a quad core Intel CPU when u can get a 2600 for 120 that has 6 cores...... LOL
  2. I'm speaking about bacteria, archai, Prokaryotic Life forms we'd be sending. Those would then evolve over millions of years to regular multi celled life forms hopefully. And with the advancements we've made in life support systems its not to hard to think that creating a smaller version with less strict standards and in mass isn't INCREDIBLY hard. Once done bam we got little balls of life ready to be thrown to other systems Via, Photonic engines, or Light sails.
  3. I agree but Fusion engines and Anti matter ones all use the same principle make thing happen then shove that thing out the back for thrust. I think what u meant is that chemical based propulsion is archaic and won't get us far. If thats the case then YES TO A POINT, right now because the popularity of refueling rockets has become popular we could see little advancement in other propulsions and more in chemical. Which i don't mind because were closer to that then the others, plus we can refuel in orbit and at the moon once we have a colony and refueling station set up there. Your n
  4. Seagates trash the 8tb elements drive can be had for $130 USD nothing else is that good of a deal.
  5. Not gonna lie Lighting has shit data rates and charging speeds. But the connector itself is AMAZING, type C has an insert that will break over time. One of its biggest flaws, sucks were stuck with that issue now. :///
  6. I understand that we need to wait for our scientists around the world to come to a conclusion but that's my issue. I don’t believe that will ever happen at some point we will have searched so many stars that it will take centuries to go to more and find out if it has life. So at what point do we just give up and say well we searched within a radius of 1 million miles, 1 light year, 100 light years, a million, or maybe a trillion light years wide. At what point do we say enough is enough we need to start seeding life. When we are about to go extinct would that be the right time? Then you migh
  7. Good to see someone took this further then a simple tech forum. Thanks for link mate U think there's any likelihood of us doing this tho. I'm,thinking possibly, but the amount of energy needed along with the infrastructure is quite a bit. Always a good thought experiment tho
  8. We do something similar to this in headphones where we produce the sound wave that cancels out the sound around the headphones. This would be on another level entirely of course, i’m talking levels of power on that of Nuclear power plant x100. In theory this is the same thing all that's different are the power levels we would need to equal that of an Earthquake. Perhaps we could only mitigate small earthquakes at first as our power systems aren’t yet strong enough. But as time goes on we could easily be able to wirelessly transfer MASSIVE levels of powers INSTANTLY to an area where it's
  9. WhatsApp has some security whooos but if your hiding what your doing then u shouldn't be using consumer grade shit anyway. Point is whatsapp is pretty good. FB Messenger is trash.
  10. Alrit but If I'm using 2 gpus I'm gonna have to put 2 into the GPU im using for gaming. I only want 1 monitor for gaming. Is that not possible or I guess doesn it not matter?
  11. A hub? I've never heard of a hub that can double your Vid outputs? U mind showing me some? I've heard about using 2 gpus but doesn't that fuck with the system? FOr instance how will I tell it to use this GPU aka the 580 or other new one for gameing but don't use the other or the iGPU?
  12. alrit what can limit it then I swear I saw somewhere that AMD's drivers said they can't output to more then 4 displays.
  13. I have a system for a friend thats got a R5 1600 but the GPU is pretty old. He uses a lot of Monitors up to 6 some times. Any GPU that supports that? Also doesn't the CPU limit the amount of displays u can have, I swear I heard there's a limit to the amount u can have for a single card with certain CPUs? I was thinking these so far: - RX 580 - RX 5500 (maybe too new for him tho) - 1060 - 960 Thanks for the help
  14. Ok I've just tried something it works in Incognito mode. So my thought is its an extension i have installed thats fucking with it. Thoughts??
  15. Ctrl+Enter does nothing even before this happened it did nothing as well. There are no settings like this in there settings also theres no way to customize this AT ALL. All i can think of is macros but that would affect every text field I'm typing in. I HAVE NO CLUE what this could be. I mean sure it could be moved there but its not like it doesn't qualify to be in General discussion.