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  1. For £350 you can get some 5700xt (scan have one in that price) , if you don’t want amd green team have 2060 in that price bracket (scan as well have quite few)
  2. Not sure how’s the market in Canada but in UK I bought all my parts for loop brand new, never used but from second hand, mostly ebay. It takes time to collect all components this way but you can save bunch of $ I’ve spend on my loop £350, if I want to buy it from shop it would cost me roughly £800
  3. I did heard this happens but it’s very rarely tbh, like you said most leaks comes from custom loops.
  4. Thicker tubing not gonna kink so much. Look at something like 16/10
  5. I’m trying to master being calm and don’t blow up, my kids are great at testing if I’m progressing....
  6. My latest purchases. I’ll not mention what my misses bought last few days, will run out of space in here hahaha
  7. I think you’ll have too use special iBlower, just £999
  8. Late evening?? More like early morning... ohhh wait ... different time zone
  9. Maybe it’s not gpu but new brand of gaming ties for true gaming mens
  10. Too much thermal paste .... But to be serious, do you really need Titan ??
  11. That answers everything For cheap but still decent parts look for something from Barrow.
  12. First of all try to tag or quote ppl so we can see what you replied. So $400 for everything yes? Res/pump combo, rads, fittings etc or just the res/pump
  13. Yes, this feature is support for pcie gen 4, but atm if I’m correct it only matters for storage speeds. 1660 and 3700x wouldn’t be well balanced build imo. Like I mentioned before 3700x will only benefit you if you gonna utilise this extra core and threads , and in games you’ll not. Even r5 3600 will last you for quite some time till you gonna need to change it. And FX chips wasn’t.... great saying this softly nothing comparing to Ryzen chips
  14. Depends where you from and how much you willing to spend.
  15. If it’s only for gaming you not gonna benefits much from 3700x , I would invest this money somewhere else, like better gpu.
  16. I run out of the options for you than
  17. Run Memtest64 to check errors on the ram
  18. Rad on the top maybe instead of front, you’ll have to get rid of the glass and replace it with this meshy panel
  19. Try to run Memtest64, it’ll show if you have any errors on ram, start with that. So your drivers are not up to date at all?? Where you get them from? Amd website??
  20. Yes you’ll be fine. Just update your bios before installing new cpu
  21. Yes sir this temps are more than alright. Did you run any other benchmarks? Games? Hows the temps in different tasks
  22. Hahaha yes you right I didn’t, my bad. In that case do what Jurrunio says