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  1. @SpookyCitrus Tried the reinstall windows with the media tool and still have the same problem, any more ideas?
  2. So I've had this problem for a while now, basically when I go to play monster hunter world the game won't launch, steam says its running but nothing happens except my cursor starts flashing as if its loading constantly, I have looked in task manager and I can see to instances of windows problem reporting happening. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game twice now and I have verified the game files. I'm really stuck now please help. XiaoYing_Video_1590160199594.mp4
  3. Yep I've used ddu even reinstalled windows, and lowering the clock still does the same dam thing
  4. I had overclocked it initially but undid that when this crash started to happen
  5. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but my system crashes once every time I open a game for the first time upon boot after it crashes I get the message "radeon settings restored to default" even though I've manually reset them to default and updated my drivers any ideas for a fix?
  6. So for some reason mhw gets capped at 30fps on one of my displays, however when I use a different monitor or heck a TV it jumps to the high 50s, anyone know how I can fix this(also yes I have the fram rate set to unlimited in settings and I know that the refresh rate of the display is set to 60hz)
  7. So I'm really stuck and don't know what to buy on steam I have exactly €8.80 left and I would like to get just one more pc game, I'm not into fps tbh for example one of my favourite games is breath of the wild and monster hunter. Any recommendations?
  8. No chance its an a320m chipset sadly but I'm props goi g to upgrade to third gen with a b450
  9. So my cpu(ryzen 1200) is pined at 98% usage and my gpu(rx 580) is only at 77% I presume its my cpu holding back my gpu I'm just not 100% sure?
  10. OK so I have finally finished my first "gaming PC" but I have very little cash left for any actual games(€25 to be exact) and I was wondering is that enough to get a few decent games in the summer sale or even one triple A game like for example monster hunter world?(this is the one I'm really interested in)
  11. Also a small indicator light on myother board is saying its a problem with my cpu ut I can't get into windows