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  1. does anyone pay attention to those support lists if they dont need to be followed? can someone provide insight. thanks
  2. thanks so much everyone! lots of decisions to make. it looks like everyone loves the gskill aegis 3000 mhz a lot. only issue is that its not a supported/preferred RAM module on my motherboard's support list (Gigabyte Z390 UD): https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z390-UD-rev-10#support-doc is this an issue?
  3. ah okay. how does the 660p compare to the WD drive I originally had or something like the 970 Evo? Will I notice a difference in performance? Am asking because that's so cheap for 1TB
  4. Thanks fluxdeity. do you have a team blue recommendation?
  5. Hello I'm looking at buying a new computer and was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for me. I need to do some video editing on Adobe After Effects and some light recreational gaming. Any feedback appreciated! https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/3rzqGG PS: Am looking to save money if I can but can ultimately spend more if the upgrade is worth the $.
  6. Awesome, I like the look of that. My question would be about the RAM and why you chose that one. It looks like it's a lot better price for nearly the same performance (3000 vs 3200)... is that why? thanks a lot for putting that together
  7. Is that the purpose of Dual Channel? To allow for two different types
  8. Can I ask another question on this.. someone recommended starting with 16gb and then upgrading to 32gb if it's necessary. How would i do that if i need to "match"
  9. is there a motherboard you'd recommend for the 8700k? thanks again
  10. Oh really? I had no idea i need a matched set. Thanks for catching that. So just buy 32gb all in one package basically? and it shouldnt matter if its 2 16s or 4 8s right?
  11. Wow, yeah. Intel 660p is way cheaper than EVO Plus. Will I be losing performance with that switch?
  12. Simply replace the Evo Plus with Intel 660p/Crucial MX500? I'll switch out the video card. Linus didnt like those ones originally but its probably still better than an EOL product as you pointed out Thanks
  13. Hey Gang It's tradition that I post on here before ordering my parts. You guys are always super helpful! I'd like to play a few video games and I do work in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. I'm thinking about going with this build: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/82GzJ8 PS - I don't need a lot of storage space so I think that 500gb will actually be enough for me. I'm hoping the computer will run fairly silent as well. I was told the Corsair RMx line is good for that. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for your help