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  1. It really depends on if you actually need a new phone. If you already own a decent phone, I don't think you should be bothered to buy a new one. There are some decent cameras at about half of the price of the phones you mentioned. Then again, if you do need a new phone, then I think the Pixel 3a is an excellent choice.
  2. So here's the situation. I currently have a really crappy computer ( not even able to run minecraft) and I have raised enough money to buy a new one. Here's the thing though. I made a decent list about the parts I could pick to build the computer for about 630 euros. The thing is, I came across a nice "gaming laptop" that had an i5 7300HQ and a GTX 1050. The laptop is not performing half as good as the PC does, but it's more than able to play the titles I want to play. My friends keep telling me that the PC is clearly way more worth it, as it packs more performance and it's future proof, I will be able to upgrade it later on, while the laptop will be stuck forever the way it was built. I get it, the performance SHOULD be the determining factor, but the laptop is portable and would give better asthetics to my setup. Do you think that I should sacrifice performance over asthetics and portability? E.G The laptop was about the same price. E.G I won't be using the PC or laptop for anything, but gaming and minimal productivity.
  3. Hey there! In my opinion a 400W power supply would be more than enough. Maybe even a less powerful power supply could get the job done, but the graphics card you will be using is known to be quite a bit power hungry. Then again, I'm not that experienced regarding this topic, so maybe get a few more people to answer your question.