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  1. BenMach1

    LGA 775 in 2019?

    The only true use case I see for ten year old hardware is providing the underprivileged with access to the web, and those who are equipped with a Pentium D or Pentium 4/Celeron CPU that are in need of a performance increase but lack the means of getting a new PC.
  2. BenMach1

    LGA 775 in 2019?

    The problem with old hardware is that the average user does not want a desktop computer in general. I upgraded my home PC from a Pentium 4 to a Core 2 Quad Q6600 literally making it about five times faster in performance, and making it 64 bit, but my family still didn't use the computer simply because it was a desktop. Furthermore, those who do use desktop computers such as those in an office environment, don't keep computers past their warranty date. Yes you can use an LGA 775 platform PC in 2019 but most of us that are educated enough to make them usable already have desktop computers that we use for more than the bare essentials like gaming and heavy multitasking.
  3. BenMach1

    Unlocking the Locked cores

    The cores were disabled at a factory level, I'd suggest emailing AMD and ask them why they don't ship all their processors with all of the cores unlocked regardless of whether or not they are 24/7, 100% load stable. Yes, you can unlock sempron cores as shown in this YouTube guide, but there is no guarantee of stability.
  4. BenMach1

    Idea for 2 slot cards

    In theory yes, in practice you'd have a ribbon cable hanging off of your graphics card that would look horrible and easily tear off.
  5. Have you checked the temperature of your card? If it is reaching too high of a temperature I'd assume that the card would override any software telling it to maintain a certain fan speed to cool itself off. Try using Gainward's own GPU monitoring tool http://www.gainward.com/main/download.php?vgapro=980&lang=en I have no experience with it but I'd try using the software that matches the brand of your card before anything else.
  6. BenMach1

    Used Graphics Cards?

    If it's a mini-itx PC I'd highly suggest you buy a new graphics card. The R9-380X and R9-290 both will dump out a lot of heat and burn a lot more power than a new RX 560. When I built my first PC I made the mistake of buying a Geforce 9800 GX2 dual GPU card instead of a new GTX 750 Ti. Ended up wasting my money on the card then buying a new one anyways.
  7. BenMach1

    GTX 1080 not being detected by computer

    It sounds like the GPU is defective.
  8. I'd suggest a full CPU platform upgrade before dropping a 2060 into your build.