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  1. Ace Reborn

    Unlocking the Locked cores

    Yeah. I'm calling AMD to help with this one, maybe also need to buy some hardware to unlock it permanently.
  2. Ace Reborn

    This is for Linus

    geez.. humor dude. take it with a grain of salt.
  3. Ace Reborn

    Unlocking the Locked cores

    aside from ACC and UCC, can we do other stuff to modify the processor itself? they literally lock a core from dual core processor.. how?
  4. seriously dude? how can gpu be at 0 degrees?
  5. Ace Reborn

    Slow Computer, no upgrade, no ssd.

    Hell yeah, there are lots of ways. first, list the pc specs ( as in detail), and tell what you use in daily basis ( also if you wish to continue using win10) first, you can check the mb voltage, and the clock speeds. depending on cooling, you may not be able to go high, but it should be kept at optimal speed. after hardware tweaks, ( and integrated graphics oc.. if you have that), also changing thermal paste will contibute much. linux is lightweight ( puppylinux, arch, or similar), but if you have like 2 gigs of ram, you can remove all bulky stuffs from win10 and use it. the graphics and those needs to be tuned to lowest, and you'll have a quite responsive pc. And, legend knows me as Ace. feel free to ping for any ( literally ) pc stuffs.
  6. here are lists of stuffs to check: 1. cooling 2. voltage 3. driver issues 4. powersupply and what was the normal gpu temperature before? also the room temperature affects it.
  7. Ace Reborn

    Unlocking the Locked cores

    clearly you don't know the whole thing. And there are plenty of instances where people have unlocked the cores, and they run PERFECTLY FINE. alright, thats not the point. if you don't know how they lock the cores or unlocking them, just don't answer, or just admit that you don't know a shit. I'm not asking ya why cores are locked, coz i already know why they're locked. Who do you think i am? clearly, you don't need to comment nonsense on the thread where it nowhere says "why cores are locked" . read the post again.
  8. Ace Reborn

    Unlocking the Locked cores

    that aside, how do they actually disable cores? and i've seen unlocked cores running perfectly fine.
  9. Ace Reborn

    Unlocking the Locked cores

    i certainly know what system i should be running, or just getting a quad core chip from ebay. So, i was asking, if any of you knows, how amd disables the core, and how we can enable it.
  10. Ace Reborn

    This is for Linus

    yay, you just broke a litte girly's tiny heart. stupid linus @Homeless Pineapple
  11. New here, who cares. First, i have sempy 145. yes, its locked single core processor, and i handles 4ghz oc just fine, so who's getting new processor anyway? maybe later. The question is, to unlock the second core, you need fancy mb with UCC or ACC or whatever those are. But if AMD takes working processor, which would work fine, then locks them somehow, then it runs at single core. How do i unlock the locked cores, so it will run fine in my mb, without UCC or ACC. you know, revert it to original state. Yay, use your big brains, or drag linus, and tell me a solution, or a good-enough reasoning. Thanks in advance.. and if any of you are wondering, Legend knows me by the name Ace.