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  1. Ram compatibility with Ryzen has more to do motherboard and bios versions then anything else in my experience. I've post tested well over 15 ryzen CPU/RAM/Mobo combos in the last 8 months. This includes 1st and second gen CPUs, 300/400 series boards (from all 4 major vendors), and many different RAM kits from multiple vendors. I've yet to have one of them not post and all of them have worked at full rated speed using the XMP with an up to date bios. Most of these were 3200 mhz kits or slower though. I currently have a 3600 cl16 trident z B-die kit running on XMP with a Asus B450i and an R5 1600 no problem on one of my personal systems. Tha'ts a bit of an extreme example though because A) its b-die and B) its mini ITX and only has 2 ram slots which makes overclocking easier generally. The board is also rated for this speed and Asus does an excellent job with their bios'. My advice is to stick to the 400 series boards and you'll likely avoid having an ancient bios that has compatibility issues that won't allow you to post. Once you post an up to date bios should very likely allow you to work with XMP if that speed is supported by the mobo. I've had really good luck with this kit: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/qGqbt6/gskill-memory-f43200c16d16gvgb I've used that in 4 or 5 builds without any issue. Several different Corsair vengeance LPX kits have also been reliably good for me. Any kits that are specifically made for AMD or use Samsung b-die chips are usually a very safe bet.
  2. This guy is pretty legit. I'm not saying this isn't just a rumor but the guy in the video is credible in my experience. As is Jim from Adored TV who started this whole nerd boner.
  3. The heat probably killed it. A 9900k at 5.2 with 1.5 v core (with enough LLC to maintain that overclock) would likely have had all cores at TJmax with any significant load. The d15 is good but not that good. I've never done anything that stupid but I'm pretty sure it would only clock itself down enough to stay right under 100c.
  4. What board do you have? Asus and Msi have confirmed Zen 2 support. A list of supported models is only a google search away. Expect gigabyte and AsRock to follow suit. While they will support Ryzen 3000 CPUs it does not mean they will support all of them. The 12 core should be fine with Zen2's much improved power efficiency. This is assuming they didn't give all that up for clock speed. While the 16 core is probably going to be very power efficient it will still draw a ton of current at load. There are probably only 6-8 boards in existence that might handle an overclocked 16 core by my napkin math. My guess is the R9 and possibly the R7 CPU's will require x570. They may be able to run at reduced performance with current limits built into the bios on the old boards though. Anyone going for those top tier CPU's will probably want the x570 anyway. I think the Zen2 R3 and R5 will do great on the old boards. I'm almost confident in saying that the R5's will trade blows with the 9900k in games (for $300 less) and could be highly overclocked on the right b450 mobo.
  5. Yeah my chip is weird. It hits a bit of a wall with temps over 5 ghz. I can run it there at 1.24 (under load reported by HWI64 1.265 in bios) and it doesn't even go above 80c peak with small FFT. I can hit stock all core under 1.1. I'm pretty sure it would do 5.2 all day with a custom loop. I'm not willing to spend $500 + to find out. It's overkill for me anyway. I listed the whole rig sans GPU on CL.
  6. There is no real benefit to 5.2 except for bragging rights. Mine hits 5.1 at 1.325 -1.36 depending on the mobo and I can't keep it under mid 90's on a 360 AIO with prime 26.6 small fft at those settings. .
  7. If he didn't tweak his VCCIO/VCCSA he probably fried his memory controller. Still 1.5v is retarded at any kind of load. Especially on an air cooler. Jesus that thing must have been thermal throttling like crazy. There is litterly no way that it wasn't throttling under any kind of load. It must have been at close to 300 watts.
  8. It was part of a system I bought so I did some napkin math to arrive at that $ number in my inventory. Still, it was a fantastic deal. I just wish the temps didn't skyrocket over 5ghz. It runs super cool at 5 ghz though which is a triumph in itself for a 9900k. Any who...Back to our scheduled programming.
  9. Yeah it's probably a bit of an outlier. This is I how I make money flipping used PC's. I'm pretty good at finding deals on PC parts. Did I mention the 5.2ghz capable binned 9900k i bought for $360? Okay I'll stop bragging like a dick now......LOL
  10. These are used prices I paid. Not new retail. If this is an option for you its worth exploring. Either way I think the integrated Intel graphics could offer a significant bump in performance for you. You should look into it.
  11. I have no Idea what used prices are like where you live. I picked up an 8700 and 1070 rog strix for $395 usd. That shits all over a 9400f and a 1660 ti for $425 USD +tax and shipping.
  12. I'm not an expert on premiere pro but I'm pretty sure the IGPU can be leveraged along with another GPU. The 9600 is considerably faster CPU. Combined with a 1660ti it would not only be faster but also would benefit from the IGPU as I understand it. Sounds like he's on a tight budget though so I'm not sure if this works. A used 1070 is a better buy than a 1660ti anyway. Used 8700 and 1070 would hammer both for the same price as 9400f and 1660ti. At least for the used prices where I live it would.
  13. If you don't need the capacity (which you shouldn't unless you are using for professional tasks) I'd sell it and get a B-die 2x8 kit. Fast memory can give as much performance as a pretty decent CPU overclock on Ryzen. 3200 B-die is 14-14-14-34 and costs about $150 bucks for a 2x8 kit. Depending on motherboard and the quality of your particular CPU's memory controller you can overclock to 3600 + with tight timings. Although it will still be beast with the tight timings at 3200 using XMP.