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  1. 20A for a 12V... You mine 12Vx20A=240w instead of 12vx15A=180w ? I take the risk ? (edit) it's mean that it's nearly the same Pico psu than my 160w?... Why it's so big so???
  2. OK, so maybe try a 300w Pico psu, no ? Mine is only 160w... If you had bad issues, maybe it was because of your power brick?
  3. A 250w Pico psu should be enough I think for a 1070 without HDD drive. Yes yes I know, if you listen the internet, bigger is better... Hopefully I didn't ask for mine because people would say me without a 400w PSU, that will never work... Blablabla.... That's work perfect for me, it's not CIA files ?
  4. Hello man, I used windows with only gamepad controllers to do what you want. You can put all programs that you want in emulationstation from windows and use autohotkey to go back with start + select on your Pad. Finally, me I use Launchbox (Bigbox) but I have a emulationstation for it too. Take a look at my video to see the result.
  5. haha, not at all... But look like I just launch Bigbox (frontend) instead of explorer.exe from windows by only write the path of Bigbox.exe (or any program that you want...) instead of explorer.exe in the keyregistry here : (very easy) After I only change the windows 10 boot logo by a custom logo that I created with paint. I use a little easy program to do it (HackBGRT). When I need to install something I go back in windows desktop by runing explorer.exe in taskmanager. Like this : Ctrl + alt + del
  6. I heard that the new gtx 1650 low profile have a height of 32 mm. Could it be fit on it? I saw some test about 4x to 16x pcie and you loose only 5 or 10% of performance. That's alright ?
  7. It's feel like you're pretty close to this dream, isn't it? ahah ????
  8. Yeah if the sound is not too noisy don't fucking care about it ?
  9. My answers between ( ) Maybe the nose is from a transformer or coil too :
  10. Hi man, I don't know if I am right but I think : For the ram : yes sometimes you have to push it a lot. It's freaking. For the GPU : look like the case don't really need holes, it's just blocks the GPU like that. (you can tinker if you want...). The sizzling : Look like a sound off a capacitor so... 1) Maybe it's normal, sometimes capacitors sound like this (that's happened in some electronics device TV, guitar amplifier... ) 2) Maybe it was already damaged from the manufacturer. It will work fine or one day capacitor will burn.... 3) Maybe, capacitor is too close to the case so when you turn of your system it will discharge on the case and by creating a little electric arc. 4) Maybe, a iron dust came into the mother board and it's discharging a capacitor. So use standoffs, clean with a hair dryer. Use thermal paste. Normally, the system turn down automatically when the CPU is hot. It should be fine.
  11. Lol, in the PS2, i even broke a square of the Pico Psu and I solder it like a badass in the resistor : I am really not good at it ?
  12. @Ross Siggers yes Ross, PS2 gonna be terribly easier ?... I saw your post of your dreamcast. I get so much trouble too with 2 cheap irons of 10 box. I am not good at it but finally with patience it s working even if you have to solder hundreds of wires.? For example, I solder so many wires for the fxxxing screen of this build below : So much pain ?? But working Ahah! ?
  13. Yes the power led is on or off and the HDD's led is always flashing according to his work.