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  1. Ya i got it for like 50 bucks brand new never opened lol couldnt pass that kind of a deal up Also that case looks interesting i am going to watch some reviews on it now... thank you
  2. So here is my last post I intend on making before purchasing the rest of my parts for my 9900k build. I am building this for audio enginerring / production primarily. 2nd Use is gaming. 3rd use with be gfx editing and video editing / rendering. An all around workstation build and gaming rig. Here are the parts I currently already own. Intel 9900k 32GB of corsair vengence lpx ddr4 2666mhz - cmk16gx4m2a2666c16 (4x8gb) EVGA supernova 1000 G3 80plus gold certified Samsung pm981 nvme 512gb for boot drive (temporary plan on buying a optane drive or faster samsung drive) 2x sk hynix pc401 nvme 512gb (possibly stick in raid) for scratch disks (got for free, eventually replace with 1 large nvme drive) 2x samsung 860 evo sata ssd 512gb for storage / scratch (got both drives in a bundle for about $60, eventually replace with 1 larger sata drive for storage) Here are the parts I had planned to buy followed up with why Be quiet dark base 900 pro v2 or dark base or dark base 700 - The silence aspect primarily Dark Rock 4 Pro - I have been told this will be more silent & better cooling with less risk than a AIO loop and If i wanted truly good loop I would need to build something or not get a AIO Aorus Master motherboard - The VRM's GFX - TBD Additional Case Fans - Silent Wings So heres my problem i keep getting mixed information about the case, mother board, and cooling Alot of people swear by the aorus master, but than I have had some people say that the fan controller sucks and i should use something different but did not leave anty specific recommendations. The case I have been told would be great for what I want to do and than others say that there no way I can oc my 9900k and keep it cool on air cooling in the specific case but than they do not recommend another silent case that would run cooler with the same inital cooling set up Now from the reviews i have watched on youtube i know I can definitely OC with the dark rock pro 4. I also may in the future switch to a custom loop, but for the time being I want to get my system built and would prefer to run it with all cores oc to 5ghz if not slightly under that because from everything ive seen this processor can easily handle that. I obviously dont want to buy and replace every part of this build which is why i turn for advice here, But one thing I am starting to notice is people saying why I shouldn't use this or use that but than dont actually recommend a better equivalent. Or the recommend something that is nothing what I am looking for Main points to remember, audio work, silence, over clocked. I am willing to do a case that is not the "most" silent but it still needs to be quiet. I am willing to do AIO or a different air cooler setup but there has to be a major difference in the performance and how cool it will run my system. And also same with the mother board although I thought the better the VRM the better the Overclocking and heat control? I obviously want performance over aesthetics I would just perfer some actual comparable recommendations that meet the criteria of what im trying to achieve. And remember I may eventually do a custom loop but unless you can tell of something that is not a arm and a leg and the exact parts to recommend Its just not up for consideration at the moment. Anyways I will prob order my parts by tomorrow night at the latest so i can pick them up at our amazon location before end of weekend and get this thing built
  3. MJG

    Static pressure of fans

    What board would you reccomend ?
  4. MJG

    Static pressure of fans

    Ive heard the VRM is the the best. I want to OC to 5ghz on all cores so I didnt want to get anything with wimpy or sub par vrm
  5. MJG

    hard line vs soft tube

    awesome, thank you... im so indecisive its not even funny
  6. MJG

    Static pressure of fans

    Im going to check that fan out. thank you for that bit of advice
  7. MJG

    Static pressure of fans

    im shopping anywhere online basically, im in pittsburgh PA so not many local places that have good prices. I dont really have a set budget, I could spend as much as I can justify basically Im not trying to do anything thats a complete waste of money just because its cool. I do make money off of my audio though so I can justify things what will equal better performance. Im not sure if I already said this in this thread but its a 9900k build. Aorus master motherboard unless i decide last minute to go with a meg or something probably not lol
  8. MJG

    Static pressure of fans

    I need something super silent, im using it mainly for audio. Ive seen quite a few builds with all air cooling in these cases with good temps. But if you have any recommendations of a less restrictive silent case please do share
  9. MJG

    hard line vs soft tube

    Thanks, you def educated me alot here
  10. MJG

    Static pressure of fans

    Hey guys im either going to be using a dark base pro 900 or dark base 700 for my 9900k build with a dark rock pro 4 heatsink. I know that with a case like this i prob need fans with a higher static pressure. My question is should i have high static pressure fans in one area of the case and different ones in another part (exhaust/intake). I was going to stick with be quiet fans but may do the corsairs that are semi silent and have RGB, haven't really decided yet... but the advice I get will prob factor into what I decide to buy
  11. MJG

    hard line vs soft tube

    haha thats a damn shame, I did see this video when i was half asleep before probably why i didn't remember it
  12. MJG

    hard line vs soft tube

    Really, how so? I figured that hard line would be more durable. That is great to know
  13. benefits other than reliability and looks when going with a hard line vs soft tube custom loop?
  14. MJG

    I9-9900K Cooling

    Not my machine your sending the comment to the wrong person pal
  15. I guess I could technically pay someone to make me a custom loop, but I really get satisfaction out of doing things on my own LOL. Thank you btw I will be checking those fans out.