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  1. cool, im not worried about the performance at all just getting that bigger drive space temporarily
  2. Hey all, Anyone have experience using nvme drives in raid on the Aorus Master z390. I got 2 questions. 1. If i make the raid 0 drives my boot drive how much of a delay does it ad to startup due to having to load the raid profile? 2. I have enough nvme drives to do a 512gb boot and my raid drives as secondary, would that even make sense to do? Reason for considering doing this. I have only got 512gb nvme drives and I recently purchased a maschine with komplete 12 ultimate collectors edition. It includes nearly 900gb+ of audio plugins and patches. No basically I ran out of space and until i pony up and purchase a 2tb nvme or a 4tb 2,5" sata ssd I was considering raiding together 2 512. I would potentially do all 3 but 1 of them is a samsung (my fastest) the other 2 are slightly slower sk hynix drives (got them for free) which is why i have the mis matching of brands. Now I do know that when you populate all the nvme slots you use lanes and if im not mistaking this would make my gfx slot slower / cut the bandwidth in half correct? I know this is information available online and may have been answered in the forums already but i am a moron when it comes to searching and figured it wouldn't hurt to share my specific setup and see if this even temporarily makes sense? I apologize in advance for any poor spelling or grammar
  3. got ya, thanks for the info I think Im going to buy the aio aorus 2080ti unless a 2080ti super version will be coming out? at any rate would it even be worth the extra money
  4. I know this is a old post, but what kind of bullshit is this... excuse the language, but how is this even legal, we are going to sell you the same processor for almost $100 more oh and by the way the 9900k we sold you was slightly defective so we slapped a s at the end of this one and its "technically" a different product. Anyone have any luck getting intel to replace their "non binned" version with one. This is one of the sleaziest things ive heard of.. didnt know this had already been going on for some time since i dont follow tech news that closely
  5. Arnt the fans that come with aio coolers pressure optimized?
  6. do you have any idea for what im trying to do or should i just buy the air cooled version of the card?
  7. MJG

    icue / Fusion ???

    thanks im going to check this out
  8. MJG

    icue / Fusion ???

    ya not a fan of rainbow barf... i got my icue items flashing between white and yellow and my aorus statically white... it wouldn't be hard to get the colors matched but being out of sync will annoy me
  9. Heres my question I have a phanteks p600s case i have 3 140mm intake fans at the front of the case, my corsair aio 150i pro i belive 3 fans venting on top and 1 rear exhaust fan 140mm... i have no other fan brackets or mounting points i was going to buy a aorus 2080ti gfx card and noticed they have the aio unit for like 100 bucks more. i really want to grab it but dont think its a good idea to use it as a intake on the front of the case... i previously had my corsair aio rad there and it was sucking so much hot air into the case it was really effecting temps so i was thinking i can maybe mount its rad to part of the aio rad? than put the fans on to the rad for the gfx card? I dont know if this makes any sense or if any one has any ideas, i really dont want to spend the money to build a custom loop and have never built one before so there is that fear of me spending money just to screw things up
  10. MJG

    icue / Fusion ???

    Well that's wack, I guess using static colors is the best way
  11. Ok, so I have a aorus master mother board, I use corsair icue... i have a h150i pro and corsair rgb mousepad, and am purchasing their headphone stand with rgb and possibly mice and keyboards. Heres my question, i cannot figure out for the life of me if there is a way to sync the motherboard with icue. I have googled up and down and read some stuff about doing things with sdk, but I cant even pretend that I understand how to do any of that. Is there anyone that can help me with this. Also I really am kind of afraid to go with corsair mouse and keyboard, im a huge logitech fan, i have also owned razer gaming mice and keyboards in the past. My question is... how easy is it to sync other brands rgb products with icue? Also I thought aorus master was cross compatible with icue, aoruasync, etc..... it doesnt seem like they made it very easy to accomplish this????
  12. Ok cool, I guess well see how it does when I OC to 5 or 5.1 on all cores.... what would you say.. around 64 ish? is that what I should be aiming for? you think adding an extra fan or different fans will help much?
  13. yeah that was at load for 30 min and so what I would just have fans on the front of the case and back? so the radiator and rear exhaust and no where else
  14. I did a stress test with Intels software with all cores hitting 4.7 ghz again I havent overclocked yet and it does ramp all cores to 5ghz without oc I was hitting no more than 58c under full load... good, decent, or terrible I dont really have to option to leave nothing at the top... theres room for up to 480mm in front 380 at top or 360 I forget... and just the one fan for rear Unless I'm a moron and theres more mounting I missed lol
  15. To be honest I didnt change the case fans it's how they came stock the h150i pump corsair said on the top pulling air in was the reccomended setup Case fans I didnt touch Mobo temps seem to be ok and GPU is fine as well... i need to fire it up and get exact temps for you guys It's an aorus master btw... With that being said what would you reccomended for fan config If I didnt already say this case is a phanteks p600s