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  1. If you say so. Not gonna say I don't believe you, that you set up Speedfan correctly, but yeah...
  2. What a pointless video. I guess the kids ran riot, whilst Dad was away. This is why, Linus can't take a holiday, because the rest of the team cannot be trusted to produce good content. This video was complete crap.
  3. Are you sure about that... If you don't set it up right, it won't work at all. But set it up right, and it is a godsend. I'd have to use Asus AI Suite 3.0 otherwise, which is complete and utter crap!
  4. The LL fans are rubbish anyway, so no loss. The ML fans are 100% better.
  5. Nope. The two fans included are rubbish, and the stock cooling with just two exhausts is really poor. This is just bad advice. Ideally, you want two intakes at the front, then the two exhaust fans. But, replace them, as NZXT make some of the worst fans ever produced. FYI, I actually own the S340 Elite.
  6. No such thing. You get what you pay for.
  7. Use 140s, not 120s, as they are much quieter. All fan positions in that case supports 140s, apart from the rear exhaust. So, ideally, you want two 140s at the front, one 140 at the top, and one 120 at the rear.
  8. According to LMG Luke, two (or three) in and two out, as you suggest that you are doing, is the best setup.
  9. ML's. The LL fans are pretty rubbish to be honest.
  10. The Corsair LL's are noisy. The ML fans are far better. Corsair fans do not connect to Motherboards, so yes you will need two Lighting Node Pros, to get the RGB functionality working properly. I believe one Lighting Node Pro handles six fans, so you'd only need two. You can buy the Lighting Node Pro, as a separate piece from Corsair direct. You don't need the commander pro by the way, it's just a pointless extra expense.
  11. At the RAM side, it DOES make a difference, why else do you think that is the default position. Wrong. Be Quiet, Noctua, Cryorig, etc, all say that you are wrong. A second fan is only ever added to the backside of the cooler, not the main fan.
  12. Having three fans as exhaust is pointless. Don't put two fans at the top, just one.
  13. Oh cry me a river. Just trying to help. I won't bother next time.
  14. Well that's not true... You're shopping in the wrong places clearly. IE, 'Murica.
  15. What a weird setup! Move the bottom fan to the front, and move one of the top fans, to the rear. No idea, why she thought the current layout made sense. The bottom fan isn't even pointing at the GPU, so it's doing nothing.