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  1. just use it for now, its not like going to catch fire or something, sometimes people are exaggerated about psu. if you look at local internet cafe, business man,standart office, school they use extremely crap psu and its failure rates are like 1 out of 300. as long as there is no problem you shouldn't worry cmiiw
  2. none of those brand available here
  3. well because i heard some smart data may be false positive. previously it was 99% health after secure erase now its 100% health
  4. i tried secure erase the hdd and now it has 100% health
  5. because rx 580 with single 6 pin only do exist. and my nitro+ overclock the same with/o the extra 2+6pin
  6. so is it useless like tingkering car gauge? or is it actually do something?
  7. is it ok to use smart offset to get 100% health again? http://www.tokocentralpc.com/blog/2016/cara-mudah-manipulasi-harddisk-badsector-dengan-hd-sentinel the tutorial is bahasa but you can simply look at the screenshot. according to that site you can get 100% health again simply by using offset
  8. yeah, i only use furmark for test psu and thermal of my gpu, i usually use superposition for oc'ing and stuff
  9. my sapphire rx 580 nitro+ has 8+6 pin power. i tried only connecting the 8 pin connector with a single 6 pin cable (leaving the extra 2+6pin unplugged) and its work fine even when oc'ed (230 watt from furmark) are the extra pin are just dummy or what?
  10. http://en.1stplayer.com/en/upload/product.php?id=92 should i even consider? my friend told me that at least its better than cheap rgb thermaltake
  11. https://www.enermax.com/home.php?fn=eng/product_a1_1_1&lv0=1&lv1=117&no=379 enermax revobron 500w any thoughts?
  12. what about diy made from local modder? since diy one at least they use proper cable and connector
  13. i currently having an hx750 platinum which is an excellent psu but the only problem is it has angled sata power and its simply imposible to install any ssd on my nzxt h500. so to get an flat sata cable i looked at molex to sata adapter. after researching i found that cheap molded ones are fire hazzard. so my question is. is this type of adapter good or bad? and how to differentiate good and bad ones. 1st image 2nd image
  14. is gammaxx l240 able to handle i5 9600k @5ghz? is it quiet? how long does aio going to last ?compared to regular heatsink which last virtually forever(except the fan).