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  1. Yea, unfortunately no matter what I did to recreate that .iso (both manually following the commands, and via the script) I always came to that error. So what I did instead was create the hackintosh image in vmware, used qemu-img to convert the vmdk to qcow2, and booted that up. Seems to have done the trick.
  2. Hmm, following along, even after making the edit for the resolution in the bios, QEMU just gets stuck at the UEFI Interactive Shell rather than boot the HighSierra.iso. Edit: Never mind, doing this on unraid. appears for whatever reason the qemu_commandline portion got removed. Editted the XML version again via the gui and resolved that. But now I get down to two lines past the Identify Device checksum not implemented, and then I get garbage text with a circle with a line through it.