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    5ghz Internet on a PCI-E x1 slot?

    So I don't know why this has never crossed my mind before, but I was just thinking about how to use a PCI-E slot to get USB 3.0 on my older PC. I started thinking about transfer rates and slot bandwidth, so the topic flipped in my head to my Wifi card, because I have it in a PCI-E x1 slot on my motherboard. It is running and older v2.0 PCI-E version, which means the max bandwidth is 500MB/s correct? So how on earth would I actually be able to get the "867MB/s" theoretical speeds on that? I guess I would have to get a new mobo that supported at least v3.0 to get those speeds, so technically I'm bottlenecked by my motherboard? If so that sucks, but such is life I suppose. If I am missing something here, please enlighten me. If I didn't learn anything out of this I would feel foolish to have posted this to the good people of LTT Forums. Godspeed, Ed