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  1. oled2019

    OLED TVs as monitors

    For the QLED: the cheaper Q6FN has much worse black levels than the top-end Q9FN, which runs almost $2000. It's the same model line but they use different backlighting systems. A person looking at Q9FN reviews and getting the cheaper Q6FN will be very disappointed. If i can get a used OLED for just under $1000 i think it's the better option, since it has better picture than the $2k QLED. I would just have to move the start menu to other monitors and move my app windows. It's probably a fair compromise to not have to stare at glowing black levels all day. It seems we have to wait at least another year before something sensible in OLED comes out for computer users at an affordable price.
  2. oled2019

    OLED TVs as monitors

    The tip about the QLED is a very good contribution. There are sources that say OLED has less than a third of the blue light of LED displays. I haven't found the same info about QLED but it appears Samsung has a blue light filter feature in its TVs, which solves the problem. And there are 49" QLED models available, which is a lot more affordable than the larger OLED. Thank you for posting. And yes, i'm holding off on a lot of gaming because the black levels on LED displays are just awful.
  3. oled2019

    OLED TVs as monitors

    I'd like to hear from computer enthusiasts who use OLED TVs and monitors for work (like browsing and Excel) I currently use BenQ 4k monitors because they have low-blue-light mode, which is a revelation for people who work 12 hours a day. But these IPS LED monitors have terrible black levels, unsuitable for gaming. I'm considering a 55" or 65" OLED 4k TV but there are two important concerns: 1.) how is the blue light for all-day work? 2.) they use almost 500 Watts which is about $1 per day, every day. I'd get smaller (34") to save a lot on power but the only 4k OLED i can find under $1000 are huge TVs. I'd like to think the time for OLED has come, but maybe i am desiring one too soon.
  4. oled2019

    budget triple monitor stand

    Those monitor stands are crap. The best budget monitor stand is the Mount-It! 757. It is very sturdy, will easily take monitors 27" and bigger, and you can also mount it up-side down by hanging your monitors over your desk like the master race. Triple-monitor stands are not made for enthusiasts like the people on this forum. You will be unhappy with their performance.