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  • CPU
    AMD FX 8350
  • Motherboard
    ASUS crosshair v formula z
  • RAM
    8 gb corsair vengence
  • GPU
    Windforce GTX 760 sli
  • Case
    Fractal Refine Design R4
  • Storage
    1 TB Western Digital Caviar Black
  • PSU
  • Cooling
    Hyper 212 EVO
  1. thank you for all your help!!! i will try now ...i didn't think i would get a reply this fas,t but guess i was wrong . thank you!!!!!!!
  2. thanks for the tip...im assuming its so it is installed on only the ssd right???
  3. thank you guys so much and i will try this ...you guys are awesome
  4. thank you for you reply,but is it really that simple?? will installing the os with the same key twice disable the key?? thanks for your time
  5. hello, i was wondering if it was possible to use the same key(for windows 8) i currently have on my hard drive , to install on my new ssd. i will be using both drives for the same computer but i would prefer windows to boot with the ssd for obvious reasons. and also...would doing this effect any of the files on my hard drive since the new boot drive would be on the ssd rather than the hard drive. any response will be greatly appreciated and thanks for your time.
  6. Quick question on that. Do I have to buy another Windows 8.1 cd and code for 100 dollars or can I just use the one I have now?
  7. I recently got a new 850 evo 500 gb ssd, and the problem is that I have ALL my stuff on my current hard drive. I was wondering if there was a way to transfer only certain things to my ssd. I do not want to clone the drive to my ssd because I don't have enough room on my ssd. Is there a way to transfer Windows 8.1 to my ssd so it will boot faster? And I also want to transfer programs like photoshop, after effects and stuff like that. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for reading
  8. this rig would definitely run some games at 60 fps . i say "some" games because not to many rigs can support 60 fps at 4k.
  9. Thanks for your help but I still a question . When I'm in raid 0,can I still store stuff on a single ssd rather than having to put the information split between 2 ssd's?
  10. Okay so I am in the market to buy an ssd and have my mind set for the 850 evo. Now the question is whether to go for two 250 gb or a single 500gb? I was wondering if 2 would give you faster read and write speeds than a single one? And what are some benefits to having either 1 or 2 ssd's? Thank you for your time and a response explaining would be much appreciated
  11. Hello, I have a dilemma I've recently been having and that is if I should upgrade my graphics card. I currently have 2 windforce Gtx 760 4gb and they work amazing but the problem is that I love playing at high resolutions and I'm not sure these babies can keep up. That being said I was wondering if getting a 980 will be any better since I game on 3 2560x1440. I am even willing to get 2 980s if I need to. As games are getting more and more demanding, I'm just not sure if my cards can keep up. Any advice would be appreciated... Thanks for your time . Edit: I almost forgot to ask if I should upgrade my cpu. I currently have an amd fx 8350 and I was thinking on getting a intel i7 4790k.but with upgrading cpu also comes upgrading my motherboard which is even more money. Help on this would be great.. Thanks again
  12. Haha yes I was referring to the resolution not my budget, and I did not really want it for 4k gaming but rather to watch Netflix in 4k haha.
  13. I have a pretty good gaming pc but I feel that sitting in the same spot is to limiting to where I want to play. I have been recently been looking at some gaming laptops and I was wondering if you guys know any good places where I can buy a gaming laptop or if you could give me some advice on what to put on it. Oh, and if someone can show me a 4k gaming laptop that would be amazing. I had in mind to get one with the new Gtx 980m so I can play with enjoyable framerate. Don't worry guys. I'm not gonna abandon my pc over a laptop but I think having a gaming laptops will be nice. Thanks for your help Edit: I forgot to mention my budget which is around 2000 USD