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  1. This one won't fit in my laptop because i have a dedicated gpu inside, and this one u linked here only has a heatsink for a cpu.
  2. I was trying to clean my laptop fan and replace the thermal compound just because i had some extra left. After removing all the screws holding the heat sink down, I pulled the whole thing off using the heat pipe and that's when it bent a little. I put it back thinking it was not a big deal but since doing so the overall performance of my laptop has been bad and the air coming out of the vents is cool(even under heavy load). I tried finding a replacement but none seemed to match with my laptop. Even looked at official asus replacement parts, chinese sellers. If someone knows a place where i could find the replacement that would help me a lot. My laptop : Asus vivobook S15 Model : S150UN-EH76 Processor : i7-8550U GPU : MX150 2GB Memory : 8GB
  3. i own a Dell Vostro 3568 laptop and use preinstalled windows 10 on it along with a live usb for kali sometimes. i have never experienced this problem But yesterday suddenly when i booted the device up it locked me out showing the Bitlocker (blue screen) and asking for the bitlocker recovery key i checked my microsoft account and i do not have any such key What can i do to bypass the bitlocker page. If at all i have to reinstall windows , can i retrieve my data Please help me.
  4. on kind of the same note. I was thinking of adding ram to my laptop. I have one slot free and the ram i have is 8-gb DDR4-2400MHz. Do i have to put in a ram with same speed or can i put in a faster one.
  5. Banned for pointing out the obvious.
  6. Considering what u said, i turned down the refresh rate to 72hz and was able to keep it 8-bit. Thanks
  7. When I overclocked my laptop screen to 90hz the colors started to look weird. Mostly the blues would look old comic book print. When i looked at my display setting, it showed that the Bit Depth for Display 1 was 6-bit instead of 8-bit on normal setting. How do i change the bit depth to 8bit while keeping my 90hz refresh rate?
  8. Hey I'm trying to reset an old laptop (windows 10) b/c i'm giving it away. When i go into settings > recovery > Reset this PC. I click Get Started and choose Remove Everything. All online guides pretty much say the next thing to do is just confirm, but I got this message : And that's where i got stuck. and now over u guys at LTT forum The laptop was originally in windows 8 and I installed windows 10 later with a product key. I think that this might have something to do with the message. I have transferred/copied all the important stuff so it doesn't matter if I loose any data.
  9. I was looking around for a gaming mouse and I found good deals on amazon for them but they were from brands I never heard of. Should I consider buying these or not. PICTEK 1 PICTEK 2 HAVIT Or If you can recommend something for less than $20 ill be happy.
  10. Yeah. I never opened this laptop and did no modifications. I guess ill just live with it. Thx btw
  11. I place my laptop on top of 4 coasters when I am gaming. I thought maybe it would improve cooling. Should i not do that?
  12. The weirdest thing is happening with my laptop. I was cleaning the vents in my laptop when I realized that there was some dust built up on the SD card reader(mostly through the SD card reader. Not so much through the other ports.). On closer inspection I figured out that the fan was pulling air through the ports. The dust built up was leaning towards the inside. The only reason i can think of is that the air input vent is not letting in enough air and additional air is pulled in through the ports. My question is Is this a problem How can I fix this Is this even possible ? (This once sarcastic. don't answer) Laptop Model - Asus Vivobook S510U Specs - Intel Core i7-8550u Nvidia GeForce MX150 2gb 8 gb ram