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  1. What would you suggest? It recomends 4th gen i5/7 for the cpu or maybe amd?
  2. Well beamng is largely cpu intensive with its physics, gpu intensiveness depends on details, which i am fine with lowering
  3. Well with the older games i do play, im fine, the most my cpu or gpu stress is with loading 200fps on a 60 hz monitor or processing 170 mods in mc, but with beam ng the minimum gpu is a gtx 550, which preforms the same, but i have a destructive tendancy to shatter things on gsme, so minumum gpu wont cut it As for the ssd, i will if i have extra change, but for now hdds are ok
  4. I have a i5 2500k dell optiplex 390 mobo 12gb ddr3 1333mhz memory gt 1030 (i know) 250gb hdd (seagate) 500gb hdd (hitachi) I am mainly trying to make it so I can play some other games, such as Beam NG.
  5. nope i have a oem motherboard (which is why i want to upgrade, with a x61 chipset
  6. well, what would you suggest? i could try to sell my current pc (probably with some upgrades) for a bit of a buffer in terms of costs
  7. I have a i5-2500k, and i have been recommended a z77 board (i think) but wanted a second opinion, and wanted to keep the cpu (it works fine for what I do, and should hold up for all of the games I want to play) ya the cpu that is req for the most intensive game I want to play has the same performance as my 2500k
  8. budget preferably under $100 form factor, idc but it would be nice to use micro-atx IDC on condition, so long as it works and I am in the US
  9. Ya i really shoulda done my research... I just got the first 1gb card i could find though.. Rip
  10. well I am not currently planning on using any super intensive games, most of them are online, and I have some trouble with those
  11. my present gpu is a gt 1030 and max cpu (with current board) is a i7 2700 budget is preferably around $500 & im in the US
  12. also I wanted to reuse parts from my current pc, so upgrading to skylake would jack up the price out of my range very quickly
  13. well I was just looking to what fit the generation of the gpu, I was planning on using a gtx 980 or some amd equivalent, what would ya suggest? (the most intensive game req specs is a gtx 980 and 'high level' i5/7 so i looked around that year's stuff)