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    Long Island, NY
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    msi z270 sli plus
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    phanteks enthoo
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    1tb nvme
  1. 400 dpi, 2 in game, 800 eDPI. Finalmouse ultralight phantom
  2. frostyguy72

    Experiences with non-techies

    I do IT work in a fairly large school, here's some recent examples: One of the teachers called me the other day to tell me she lost the remote to her smartboard. She has one of the new projector-less models which do not come with remotes. Teacher swears she's been using a "smartboard remote thing" for a year. I still haven't figured out what kind of remote she had or what she could have possibly been doing with it. I get one or two calls per month with someone telling me their computer is broken. It's not turned on. A rather large office assistant used a pc as a step-stool. Did not end well for the assistant or the machine. You'd be amazed at the amount of people that can't master the fine art of logging into outlook.
  3. frostyguy72

    Memorizing Programming Languages

    I forget things that I did in the morning by the time lunch rolls around. Don't be afraid to consult past work or documentation. The key to memorization is repetition. Repeat something enough and you'll memorize it. And then forget it. And then memorize it again. Rinse and repeat.