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  1. czach75tac

    Division 2 FPSdrops

    I've run into the same problem with The Division 2. Joining conversation so I get notifications if someone has some solution. Or idea's to why this happens. Mine will drop from like 110-130 to like 90 for couple minutes then go back up to 110-130 1080p Ultra settings Ryzen 2700x 16 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB 3000 Asus RTX2070
  2. czach75tac

    Ryzen 2700x owners

    When I run it I run CPU, FPU, and Cache. I was going to get an AIO it just wasn't in the budget for now. I still have to get a monitor too so I can actually start gaming. I just didn't want to start gaming hard on it if this was a real bad temp to be running at. Even though I know in games it wont run this hot I was curious as to how everyone else's fared compared to mine you know
  3. Hey guys just built my new computer and have been wondering what everyones CPU temps are when running stuff like aida64 stress test and things like that. With the stock cooler and my power settings are set at high performance I have been getting like 80C. I was wondering if this was normal for you guys as well? I am also running the stock cooler with this rig.
  4. czach75tac

    I'm new to pc's

    Well I'm trying to get into content creation with it. But mostly games. Anyone know how to display the fps on screen? Is it in game settings or Nvidia Control Panel?
  5. czach75tac

    I'm new to pc's

    So those lists do compare my build to someone who uses the exact same component's? Either way though. Some numbers on here with whatever your build is would be nice to see so I can look at see about where I stand to a community that actually knows what their doing
  6. czach75tac

    Ryzen 5 2600x pre applied thermal paste

    Definitely looks dirty. I just installed the 2700X in my rig 2 days ago and it came with the wraith prism cooler. The thermal paste that was on the bottom was real thick and seemed like it was drying out. I did buy some Artic something thermal paste though and did wipe it off however it just seemed weird how the new paste compared to the factory stuff. For as cheap as a tube is it is no harm to just buy some down the road.
  7. czach75tac

    I'm new to pc's

    Hey guys, So I'm new to PC's and just built my first one yesterday. I chose a Ryzen 2700x, Asus B450-F Gaming MB, 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB ram, with a Asus RTX 2070 08G graphics card. My build is pretty cool I think I haven't done any overclocking to it at all as I'm not real comfortable yet. But downloaded some bench mark software and was wondering what average scores are. I know some of them you can compare online and stuff but I haven't gotten that far yet and was looking to get some real answer's from real people not just looking at a list and comparing. Thanks for the help if I receive any. Also looking for good headphone/mic set ups. Doesn't have to be a gaming headset in particular as I'm not afraid to use a separate usb mic if i have to. Thanks guys