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  1. AnnaTheKitty

    Changing colors for a laptop

    I mean the website you gave me doesn't support Acer Nitro 5, meaning I can't change the color of the laptop, I been looking around to try to find how to change the color of it or is there any skins to change it or basically anything, but still couldn't find anything, which is why I am here
  2. AnnaTheKitty

    Changing colors for a laptop

    Looking up for skins but I couldn't find anything that changes the color of the keyboard or the red piece of metal in front of the keyboard
  3. AnnaTheKitty

    Changing colors for a laptop

    What do you mean by skin it?
  4. I am getting a Acer Nitro 5, but... don't like the color red, is there a possible option or a mod to change the color to like blue or something?
  5. AnnaTheKitty

    Fan pins

    What hardware controller do I need and how would I set it up?
  6. AnnaTheKitty

    Fan pins

    I have a Artic F8 80m fan that has only 3 pins on it. I am getting a Dell Optiplex 990 and thought it would be better if I replace the fans that game with it with better ones.
  7. AnnaTheKitty

    Fan pins

    So I just got my fans finally, and turns out the fans on the computer that I am trying to replace are 5 pin fans not 3 pin, can anyone help me find a adapter that has a 3 pin male to a 5 pin female? Or does it not matter and I can just hook up the 3 pin fan to the 5 pin on the motherboard?
  8. AnnaTheKitty

    I have a problem with plugs

    Found it... apparently this product works 4 pins to 3 pins as well as 3 pins to 4 pins... welp... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01h0OZC9W
  9. AnnaTheKitty

    I have a problem with plugs

    So, when looking deeper into my motherboard, it turns out that my computer has 4 pins, and the fans that I got, https://www.amazon.com/ARCTIC-Standard-Cooler-Configuration-possible/dp/B002QVFN7G/ which only has 3 pins... Is there any way to turn a 3 pin to a 4 pin? Like an adapter of some kind?
  10. AnnaTheKitty

    Using GPU as a fan?

    I just found all of the fans/stuff that I would need Fans: https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-Expansion-Exhaust-Connector-FANCASE/dp/B0000510SS/ https://www.amazon.com/Vantec-SP-FC70-BL-Spectrum-System-Adjustable/dp/B000233ZMU/ Replacement fans https://www.amazon.com/ARCTIC-Standard-Cooler-Configuration-possible/dp/B002QVFN7G/ https://www.amazon.com/ARCTIC-Standard-Cooler-Configuration-possible/dp/B0037AUS4S/ Other: https://www.amazon.com/Manhattan-15-Pin-Female-Splitter-308977/dp/B002LBROAA/ https://www.amazon.com/Timetec-1600MHz-PC3L-12800-Unbuffered-Desktop/dp/B00IV19HZE/
  11. AnnaTheKitty

    Using GPU as a fan?

    Seems that it is currently unavailable on basically everywhere(new egg & amazon)
  12. AnnaTheKitty

    Using GPU as a fan?

    Yup exactly like that! By chance are there also bigger/powerful options or no that you can find?
  13. AnnaTheKitty

    Using GPU as a fan?

    So... since my CPU is super close to the GPU slots, and it never hearts for more cooling, I thought I can get one of these https://www.amazon.com/GDSTIME-Graphic-Card-Graphics-Cooler/dp/B07H5KPY8P/ except not for GPUs. Let me explain. Problem is that my computer that I just got doesn't have a fan in front, meaning it can't suck the air in/out, I was wondering if anyone knows a fan that goes on the GPU slots that is able to suck air out or not since apparently I can't find one.
  14. AnnaTheKitty

    Display problem

    So I have a AVerMedia HD 2, and I want to see if I can record videos onto my other computer with it, for some reason, everything appears to be moved to the top left when I view it, but when I view it with my nintendo switch for example, it works perfectly normal, tried contacting support but no response yet. However when I view it through my monitor it works perfectly for some odd reason. Anyone had this problem before?
  15. AnnaTheKitty

    Need help upgrading cooling(My first time doing this)

    I tried F12 and it didn't work and F10 didn't work either, when I do F10 my monitor now isn't even picking up a signal from it