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  1. Puffing

    1070 vs 2060?

    i looked at benchmarks and it will be better than the one i have now for gaming thanks
  2. Puffing

    1070 vs 2060?

    if i game lightly?
  3. Puffing

    1070 vs 2060?

    will a 1070 perform better than a 2060 in video editing with premiere pro? asking this because the 1070 has 8gb vram whereas the 2060 has 6gb vram... pls help
  4. thx it seems that the drp4 is a better option since i will have a window in my pc thx
  5. ok... would the dark rock pro 4 be comparable or is this cooler better?
  6. Can i get any 140mm fans for nh-d15 cooler? thx
  7. thanks seems that i will need a new cooler
  8. its been fine in the past i may need to re apply thermal paste
  9. if im looking at the right spot HW info says 100 C and link says 46 C where should i look in the Program
  10. what should i tell you guys about from the Hwinfo? '
  11. idle temps are in 40-50 C no humming besides the fan... maybe a slight sound of the pump
  12. So my cpu and cooler (h100i v2) are probably around 1-2 years old. I am rendering a edited video (with techsmith camtasia)... open task manager and see that its on full load. so i open corsair link and 2 of the 4 cores are at 100 C the other 2 are at ~32 C, Im wondering if my cooler needs to be replaced or there is a simple solution or do i need a new rig? specs: CPU: i7 7700k MoBo: MSI Z170A-pro ram: 32gb corsair vengance 3000mhz cooler: h100i v2--- using corsair high performance SP fans PSU: Rm650x GPU: GTX 1060 3gb
  13. ok ill look into the fans but i dont really like water cooling what is the best air cooler to equate to this?