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  1. I'm looking for 2-3 people who are interested in sharing an Airbnb apartment during LTX. Since I'm going to LTX by myself, sharing an apartment has usually a better value and is more fun than staying alone at a hostel. ~USD 60-80 per night per person Everyone gets their own bed Within 30 minutes to the convention First night 25 (Thu) or 26 (Fri) July, check out on 29 (Mon) July. Airbnb has a feature that allows sharing the costs beforehand, so no headaches there. Let me know if you are interested!
  2. I'm doing a little round-the-world trip and it just so happened that I could fit Vancouver during LTX in it. Initially I booked my tickets so that I arrive on Friday evening, get a good night sleep and go to LTX on Saturday. When the office tours got announced, I realized that I couldn't attend the office tours, because they were all happening on Friday during the day, so I had to pass. Now I just realized that due to time differences (I'm flying in from Asia), I'm actually arriving on Thursday evening and could actually attend the office tours, but now all the tickets are sold out. So, in case you can't attend the tour and bought your ticket, it would be very kind if you could consider transfering the ticket to me. Thanks.
  3. I'm flying in from Hong Kong and am looking for people to hang out before/during the event. I just realized that due to time differences I will actually arrive one day earlier than my departure. I planning to book an Airbnb accommodation. If people are interested in sharing an apartment, we could share the cost and get a whole apartment/floor with LTT fans and cook, explore the city and play games together (I also love playing board games). I'm looking at somewhat between $50-$75 per person per night. I am staying in Vancouver between 25th-29th (4 nights). Oh, and I'm 26. If anyone is interested, please contact me!