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  1. OhioYJ

    Game shelf

    Since you need a place for consoles too, perhaps you should look at the Kallax line from Ikea if you have one near you? They have them in various sizes and make all sorts of inserts so you can divide up the shelves however you need. They also come in various colors. Kallax Series
  2. I didn't see this posted in here yet? WD Sets the Record Straight: Lists All Drives That Use Slower SMR Tech The problem is its not all their drives, or lines. I know in my case they didnt make black drives large enough, so I bought Gold drives. Did this bleed over into the HGST drives? With the exception of a few black drives every HD in my house is a HGST or Gold drive, and none is on that list, should I assume they are "safe." That doesnt seem like a "safe" assumption right now...
  3. As it turns out Toshiba and Seagate have been doing the same thing: Sneaky Marketing Redux: Toshiba, Seagate Shipping Slower SMR Drives Without Disclosure, Too (Tom's Hardware Link)
  4. Format option, what did you format? Data, system, factory reset, vendor? Format is kind of vague. Good news is you have a OnePlus, worst case you can always use the MSMTool, but that should always be a last resort as that will relock the bootloader. So try everything else first. (You can easily unlock it again, just I don't like jumping to the nuclear option first). Assuming you didnt wipe data, you should be able to backup your data from TWRP if you need to. Back it up now. Then I would try flashing the lastest OOS to go back to stock from TWRP to get everything back in place. Boot that once. Then start back over with the custom ROM cycle. My daily is a 6T, I still have a 5T as well, but I don't have any actual experience with the 5 unfortunately.
  5. He's got a system built from my old parts, 7700K, GTX 1070. That one will be going to his mom's house (the reason for a new one, as obviously it doesn't need an upgrade yet). I was originally thinking 9400 / 2070 route, but Im not set on that plan yet.
  6. Appreciate it. Can you tell I've been using nothing but Intel for a while? I read a few things about it problems with them, and left it alone. That definitely gives me more options, just has to better than what he has now.
  7. So I need to build my son a new computer. What is the compatibility like with AMD CPUs and old PCs games these days? When I say old it's a mixture, even going back as far as some DOS stuff. Are work arounds like "game mode" still required?
  8. The hissing noise still maybe coil noise. It is hard to say what it is. Does it get worse under load?
  9. You didn't specify a budget? What are you looking for? 27" Acer IPS 1440 144Hz Goes on sale pretty regular for $299, and has speakers. It's GSync compatible as well. However at $299, or $399 regular price that may not be "budget". So specifying a price point would be helpful.
  10. I recently replaced my V1 WASD keyboard with a V3 WASD keyboard. The V1 is now over 6 years old, blue cherry switches, no o-rings. I wanted to try something a bit quieter, so I ordered brown cherry switches with O-rings (0.2mm). While there are times the quieter keys are nice, I think overall I still like the blue switches better.
  11. Most boards in my house are Gigabyte and I update them without issue. However I will say I don't like the way modern Gigabyte dual bios is setup. It might as well not be dual bios. The way it used to be was you flashed one, got to boot up and see if things worked, see if you liked that bios. Then later could choose to update the other bios if you wanted to. Or never if you didn't want to. For years now it's been update the bios and as soon as it flashes the one, it updates the second. It doesn't reboot, doesn't ask you for confirmation, nothing. If it's buggy, too bad, both are now the same. If it went wrong, too bad, it updated both.
  12. Are you sure this really that common? Most people I know install there game libraries to a regular HD just because of the amount of storage needed for most people Steam librarys.
  13. The 212 EVO was originally only sold with one fan. Back when I was running my 212 on my 4690k build adding a second fan was only worth 1-2 C drop at load. So running with the single fan really isn't going to change your temps much at all. Now lapping my 212 was worth a 5 C drop both at idle and under load.
  14. The case does not supply power to the fans generally. Some cases do come with controllers, but generally they just include fans which must be plugged in somewhere. If it were just 2 fans, you can get away with running a splitter like this: SilverStone Technology All Black Sleeved 1-to-2 Sleeved PWM Fan Splitter Cable (CPF01). However, I don't recommend running more than 2 fans per header. In this case it looks like your best bet would be to run a fan hub, something like this: SilverStone PWM Fan Hub System Cables, Black (CPF04). This would allow you to power the fans from your PSU, via a SATA connection, but still send the fans a PWM signal so they will speed up and slow down accordingly. You could always buy a manual fan controller to if you wish.
  15. Of course. Is this a boot drive?