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  1. Last time I tried to clone windows 10 it was a failure due to windows sees new hardware and freaks out better to backup files u want to keep and install fresh
  2. Maybe different usb cable it could be bad if not u would have to remove the casing and try the USB to sata adapter also how old is it just making sure it's not some old USB to ide still external then u would need a USB to ide adapter
  3. Fresh install is about 16gb for 32bit and 20gb for 64bit versions so sounds about right to me. Also I think what he means by master and slave is his boot drive and data drive I know he's living on old tech references but give the guy a brake he's trying. Just so you know IDE used master and slave and sata drives is just one drive per cable so no more master and slave
  4. Do you have a windows 7/8 key laying around on a old computer if so use it for you windows 10 key they are still giving free copy's just don't advertise it anymore
  5. You can still get the free upgrade they don't advertise it anywhere but if you have a windows 7/8/8.1 key lying around you can use it when it asks for windows 10 I've just did a upgrade on my windows 7 PC and windows 8 PC one last night and one tonight
  6. You can try the updated assistant I've had this issue on some of my family's PC's and easy fix for me has been the update assistant https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 should be the link if not google windows 10 update assistant it will update you computer to the newest build and still keep all ur files
  7. Run the computer in safe mode use the https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html And install the newest drivers from Nvidia should work fine after that
  8. I'm on the build right now on multiple computers and steam is working fine
  9. do a review on Windows 10 workstation edition and show some of the new features that it has to offer and with the actual types of hardware its made for
  10. ok good because I guess I was misreading the websites or they where not showing the full story
  11. also would be duel socket support if I went with threadripper 3990wx the are also spec on the leaked stuff showed "Dual socket support only exist for Ryzen Threadripper series"
  12. it will work even if threadripper 3990wx has 64c/128t like what was leaked and just bought a 10gbe and switch the other day
  13. So I have been considering getting a i9-9980XE of a Threadripper 3 when it releases but from what I was reading windows 10 pro does not support certain amounts of cores and threads. I was wondering if it is worth and do I need it and will it run games right and what is the NVDIMM-N would it give me better performance idk I haven't seen any videos on Windows 10 Pro for workstations that Linus has done and with his higher core computers he always was using Windows Server.