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  1. what i needed to hear
  2. Not in school, but I have a lot of free time at work.
  3. Could anyone shoot me in the right direction. Having difficulties with subnetting and learning CLI due to a lack of hands on equipment.
  4. what's the point of wearing a watch when you have your phone? silly way to think about it, I think they are kind of neat.
  5. not my own store, just in charge of inventory. trying to redo the clusterfuck that I was brought into by getting in some refreshing better products.
  6. we have a decent variety of cases, stock some different brands of fans. definitely lacking on the memory
  7. made sure I got the covered here, we have all ranges
  8. Anything out of the ordinary a regular computer shop wouldn't have that y'all look for?
  9. I've always wanted to do this, not being able to bring my PC and game is the reason I haven't started this. Seems like an awesome project