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  1. Thanks for the hard work, informative & awesome list. Though one question bugging my mind, why is seasonic not in Tier S & A+ list, is it not good enough In Tier A, Seasonic Prime is mentioned, does that include all Prime series from gold to titanium
  2. Hello everyone, Update on the issue: I contacted Amazon CS again, this time I contacted the "return & refunds department" & provided four product links (Motherboard, CPU, GPU & PSU) "sold and shipped by Amazon" in my question along with an addition link (CPU cooler) "sold by seller & fulfilled by Amazon" I started the question by adding a sentence from this page, About Warranty Repairs & here is an overview of that conversation: Me: I want to know which products fall in this category: "Warranty repairs are available for some products sold directly by Amazon.com and covered under a manufacturer warranty." Does that mean Amazon will be responsible for warranty claims? Amazon CS: 'Does that mean Amazon will be responsible for warranty claims?' That's right! shared the links... Amazon CS: Yes, the first three yes. The latter is (CPU cooler) sold by ------ and Fulfilled by Amazon. In the latter case, you have the refund guarantee in case something happened with the item Me: Just to be clear, we are talking about products warranty & not 30 day warranty? Amazon CS: The item warranty, described in the item, is one year.! If you want more than one year you must pay the extra Me: I didn't find the 1 year warranty mentioned within the item links I shared? Amazon CS: In most cases it is a year. I'm sorry the warranty information for this product isn't listed on our website. Many of the items offered on our website are covered by a manufacturer's warranty. If you'd like a copy of the manufacturer's warranty for a product found on Amazon.com please click in this link About Manufacturer's Warranties And send an email with your questions or requests Me: Ok, the warranty for the items sold & shipped by Amazon, Amazon will be responsible & not the manufacturer, am I right? Amazon CS: That's right! Me: So, for example: If a monitor, GPU or a motherboard becomes defective after 30 days, I have to contact Amazon for the repairs or replacement? Amazon CS: After 30 days we must contact the warranty department at Amazon because Amazon is the seller. This department will determine if it is repaired or replaced. Before these 30 days, if you contact Amazon customer service, we can do the replacement at one time without contacting the warranty department. To your question, yes! After 30 days, you can contact Amazon Customer service transfers the case to the warranty department and as I said before, this department is responsible for evaluating whether it is repaired or replaced Me: That's wonderful, So, even if the item is shipped internationally by Amazon, will I still benefit from the manufacturer's warranty? Amazon CS: Yes I must say, I am relieved somewhat! I also contacted Amazon italy which resides in EU, I asked about three monitors, I must say the guys there were super polite & I kinda sensed a different vibe and energy, in a positive way, here is an overview of it: Amazon.it CS: ... I've carefully checked these items and I see these items are available sold and fulfilled by Amazon.it and also sold and fulfilled by Amazon.it warehouse deals and there're available sold and fulfilled by sellers "marketplace orders" and the warranty is according to the kind of the item that you will purchase from. Please note that any item labeled sold and fulfilled by Amazon.it "Venduto e spedito da Amazon.it" are under the legal warranty for two years from Amazon.it. If any of these items showed any defect within the warranty period you will be eligible for the following: - A full refund (return of the original item required) - A partial refund of small percentage of the item's price for keeping the item - A free replacement (If available or if the item is still in stock) and return of the original item required For the items that are sold and fulfilled by Amazon Warehouse deals. If any of these items showed any defect within the warranty period you will be eligible for the following: - A full refund (return of the original item required) - A partial refund of small percentage of the item's price for keeping the item, but there're some items have no partial refund as it is according to the item itself Mentioning that in case of returning any item back to Amazon as the reason that the item is defective, we refund all the shipping charges you will have to endure to return the item so any amount you will pay will be refunded upon sending us a PDF or JPG of the courier receipt to the following email address : orders-2@amazon.it For the marketplace items which are sold and fulfilled by third part sellers, you can find all information about Amazon Marketplace orders in the following link: Help in English You can find full details of the A-Z Guarantee at the following page: Garanzia dalla A alla Z .... My follow up: ... if the item is shipped internationally, will I still be able to benefit from 2 year warranty? Is it possible to purchase additional warranty if the item ships internationally? Amazon.it CS: ... I assure you that, you will benefit from the 2 years legal warranty even if the item is shipped international, as you are covered by our 2 years legal warranty anywhere is included. Regarding the additional warranty, I kindly ask you to contact our relevant department for more information about if it... I must say, I will choose Amazon.it (EU) anyday over Amazon US. Today again I contacted Amazon US CS regarding a monitor warranty "sold by a seller & fulfilled by Amazon" & it didn't go well. Amazon ships the monitor to my location along with mentioning a 3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty on the product's page, but fails to mention that "IT IS ONLY EFFECTIVE IN THE US AND CANADA". First I contacted the seller & here is his response: "Sadly my information of warranty does not expand on that exactly. Please contact ----- directly for their warranty info Thank you" So, I went to the manufacturer's site & found the warranty information for that particular model & it was clearly mentioned that the warranty will only be available in US & Canada. Why will Amazon ship it to my location without mentioning that it will come without any warranty!? I mean you can ship it where ever you want but the least you could do is mention that "BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK"!!! To conclude, one should buy with caution, ask, research & contact the seller before you make up your mind untill WE make a difference, and like @Anomnomnomaly said: "EVERYONE should join a consumer rights group regardless... learn what your rights are and spread that knowledge to others so we don't have people dying because of stupid bureaucracy." "Make a nuisance of yourself, complain loudly, firmly and politely... don't rant and rave, state your case with facts and don't be afraid to be aggressive (politely). It seems that's the only way to get results these days, by calling them out publicly."
  3. You're a one strong willed person, I admire you for that. You're right, I should ask them publicly where they can't hide & cover their faults! Actually after finding out the harsh truth about warranties, I was planning to email each & every PC parts manufacturer & ask them whether they will honor their warranty & take responsibility for their products, but your idea seems better! In the meantime, I replied back to gigabyte, took them three days to reply to my first message, now three days have passed on my second reply, lets see what will be their reply! ☹
  4. Thank for an informative input, really appreciate it. The conversion I shared in my starting post between Amazon.de & the customer who bought a Samsung CHG70 monitor resides in the same country where I live, I want to ask him directly but I am unable to register on that forum, after confirming my registration, they asked for my mobile number, so, I gave it but didn't receive any verification code, I tried it several times but I get a message saying: We're unable to send any messages to you, I contacted their support, so let's see what happens. So, this guy bought from Amazon.de & gave an advice at the end of his topic to only buy from Amazon & not from Newegg because of the 30 day only guarantee... Another guy disputed him by saying I also bought the same monitor from Amazon & it didn't even serve me for a year, I asked Amazon & they said talk to the manufacturer & now it's residing in my garage... Then the original poster replied, it can't be, then the one who disputed him shared his conversation with the Amazon CS representative in which he mentioned that both his "Gigabyte X399 Aorus Xtreme" & "MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2080 Ti" died & the order was only three months old, So the Amazon CS simply gave him the links to both manufacturer's contact us page. Then the original poster shared his conversation with the Amazon.de CS representative which I mentioned in my original post... Someone also asked him, where can I get it with the warranty. He the original poster replied, from Amazon but the seller should be Amazon. It's obvious that they were unaware of the Directive 1999/44/EC law, like I was before. The reason or mentioning all that was if Amazon.de (really hard to find something that actually ships to my location) ships to my location then according to the buyer who bought it from there comes with a 2 year warranty! You may be right, it needs further investigation! I hope I can get an appointment with Detective Conan. The most astonishing thing to me is if the Products sold by Amazon or third parties can be shipped to my location then they should come with an international warranty because the manufacturer allowed Amazon to sell them to my location, am I wrong!!!
  5. Thanks for the super informative input, lots of love & respect. I can't grasp the fact of how you could get a repair for a product that's passed its warranty period! Where I come from, if you get a repair or a replacement during the warranty period then it's a bonus! I don't mind getting a replacement, only it should lask & work. The things you mentioned in your next to last paragraph, it's a sad reality & the true stories of injustices by our own govt/s!! I 100% agree with you that everyone should join a consumer rights group. I wish if I have people like you in my neighbourhood, I could buy with an ease of mind. Thanks again for the reply & giving me some hope. There are products that if I want to buy from Amazon US, I can't because Amazon US doesn't ship to where I live, but I can still buy them via "MyUS" or any other similar service provider, I can still benefit from the manufacturer's warranty (shipping it back to MyUS & then the manufacturer), but it would cost me more with a lot of headache. So, I decided to buy the products that are available for my location, for example: "NX-EDG27S v2" monitor "Sold by Washington Blvd Sales and Fulfilled by Amazon" is available for my location, so there is no question of invalidating the manufacturer's warranty, I think. The only hurdle I have is I want to deal with the seller & not the manufacturer & even Gigabyte is agreeing with me! If the seller is not willing to protect it's buyers or if it's the Country's law (even though I strongly disagree with it & smell an element of an injustice in it & that's why I am starting to admire EU laws regarding this particular case), I have to respect that, either buy from them according to their rules & regulations or look for a better place like EU i.e., shop with an ease of mind, in other words, excellence. Though one question is still floating in my mind, if I decide to purchase from Amazon US & the manufacturer refused to repair or replace it for me & I am sure I am getting robbed by the manufacturer, will I then be able to go to the Better Business Bureau or sue them in small claims court from another country (Middle East) & how much time it will take from within the state & from another country, it it's allowed? "You should find an authorized seller in your country which will have products with warranty valid for your country." yeah, wish me luck for finding that one!
  6. Thanks for clarifying that, but are you 100% sure? So, with Amazon.com, it's normal to sell the product & then abaddon the buyer, how can one protects himself from a dishonest warranty provider in that kind of an environment, I mean what's the process in case of an emergency
  7. Thanks for the reply, you're right, I should've asked differently, but in the back of my mind I knew 100% that Amazon doesn't offer any warranty, but honors its reputation of protecting the buyer from a dishonest warranty provider that doesn't honor their warranty. I am not a native English speaker, I thought it will be clear from the content of my post, what I meant to say, even now I am not sure how to ask this question, "Amazon doesn't honor their reputation of protecting the buyers from a dishonest warranty provider" or "Amazon only honor their reputation of protecting the buyers from a dishonest warranty provider whey they want it (pick and choose)". If you or anyone know how I should've asked this, Please do enlighten me, I am sure it will help me in the future. You gave an example of a dead motherboard during the warranty period & said that I should contact with Amazon, yes you're 100% right, you've taken the words right out of my mouth, it's only seems natural, but our dear Amazon's CS doesn't agree, I asked: Amazon CS: Sir sometimes, some item, offer and insurance policy that you can purchase to protect you investment. Me: But this one didn't, so what's the solution? Amazon CS: In this case sir you need to contact the manufacturer if our warranty is over. Me: OK, I have to contact them through Amazon, am I right? Amazon CS: In this case no. Me: So what I understood from your reply is I have to contact them directly & not via Amazon? Amazon CS: If the 30 day window warranty is over with us, yes. Me: Thank you for that, does the same process differ on the products that are sold and shipped by Amazon? Amazon CS: Correct! Me: Can you please through some light onto that, what's the difference? Chat Disconnected! Amazon CS: Hello, my name is -----. I'm sorry your previous chat disconnected. I will try and pick up where you left off. Me: Thanks! Amazon CS: The Amazon warranty last for about 30 days, after that you need to contact the manufacture and they will help you with the warranty Amazon CS: I don't mean to rush you, but we've been idle for 1 minute. I want to make sure our chat's still connected. If you aren't able to respond in 1 minute, this chat will close. Me: Yes, please give me a minute! Amazon CS: ok Me: I have heard from my friends & colleagues the items that are "sold and shipped by Amazon" are warrantied by Amazon, for example: In case of any defect Amazon will contact the manufacturer on my behalf?? Amazon CS: Our returns procedures state that within 30 days of delivery of your order, you may return most merchandise in new condition, with the original packaging and accessories, or any defective merchandise, for a full refund. Eligible baby items purchased from or fulfilled by Amazon can be returned up to 90 days after delivery. Amazon CS: If the item is sold and fulfilled by a 3er party seller we need to contact the seller One is saying, I should contact the seller, second is saying WE need to contact the seller!!, who's right, only God knows!! Upon asking, does the same process differ on the products that are sold and shipped by Amazon? She replied Correct! Then upon asking the same question to another CS agent, when I asked: For example: In case of any defect Amazon will contact the manufacturer on my behalf?? Ignored my question completely, again started from 30 day policy!! For me, it's clear that there is some kind of gimmick is played here, especially with people like me who haven't shopped from Amazon before & are an easy catch to manipulate!! To one/some customer/s they decided to live up to their reputation & for others, "WE ONLY SELL, GO FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF WITH THE MANUFACTURER" unless the policy for Amazon.de & Amazon.com differs!!! All I want is to be protected by Amazon from those dishonest warranty providers, from whom's dirty dealings reddit & other forums are filled!!! Now let's talk Amazon vs Newegg, where I live, it's a must for me to pay 5% VAT on each & every product along with a big sum for shipping whether I shop from Amazon, Newegg or any other seller in the world!!! Thanks for the input, you're right, a warranty return must go through the seller & that's what I want, not have to deal with the manufacturer myself, I mean it's only natural because I purchased the product directly from a seller & not via a manufacturer, but our dear Amazon CS doesn't agree!!! It's a shame that a big company like Amazon doesn't want to live up to its reputation, asking the buyer to contact the manufacturer is like throwing it away to the wolves!!! Thanks for the reply, in the US, you're protected by law & the manufacturers have to think twice before trying to play any games, where I live, I am not!!! But you still have to contact the seller first, am I right? The problem I have with amazon is it sells & ship products to to my country, but when push comes to shove, they try to flee from the back door!!! Alas, I didn't know buying the PC parts would be that much difficult from actually building it!!! What's the use of building a PC if you've to live in a fear of contacting each & every product's manufacturer & loosing all the cash you've saved for years!!!!!
  8. Hi, peace, 1. I want to know does Amazon offer warranty on products "sold and shipped by Amazon" & "sold by a seller and fulfilled by Amazon"? 2. What makes Amazon better than Newegg? I asked Amazon CS, they said we don't provide any warranty, only for 30 days, after that good luck, either hit or miss! Someone else bought a "Samsung CHG70 Quantum Dot" from Amazon.de, he asked Amazon CS the same question I asked, here is the content of that conversation: Amazon CS: Every item you bought from amazon, you got 2 years warranty He replied: Ie in the event of a bug I can exchange or refund money In two years. Amazon CS: Yes you can either exchange or refund. He also clearly mentioned that he bought it without additional warranty, Amazon Protect 2-Jahre Extra-Garantie (Additional 2 year extra warranty). What is happening here!!?? I also asked Gigabyte about their warranty & here is what they replied: "Please note that our warranty is provided by the original supplier (where you purchased the product). If you purchase the monitor in other countries, if you faced any issue in the future, you have to contact with the supplier to arrange further help." After saving for many years & researching for 2 years to build a PC, thinking to shop from Amazon because they provide hassle free warranty & I can buy with an ease of mind, but in the end, I happen to be a biggest fool for believing all that!!! I live in a remote area, hassle free warranty & warranty provider are both important to me! EDIT: What I meant to ask, does Amazon protect its buyers from a dishonest warranty provider, can I buy with an ease of mind, have you been protected before, what's the process?? If Amazon US ships to my location, outside the US, then that means the manufacturer allowed Amazon & it should come with an international warranty, am I wrong???
  9. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, makes sense. Yep, you're right, but I am still not sure if I should cancel my order & go with H500P!
  10. It's still has a 240-250 price tag on Amazon & Newegg! What I meant by "Absolute miracle to find it that cheap": Finding a desired PC case is super difficult for my location, especially that cheap, few choices to choose from, for example: On Newegg, it would have cost me $410 to my location! H500 is not available from where I ordered, ordering a PC case to my location from Amazon if it's $150, I have to pay $170-$200 & maybe more just for shipping!!! Ordering from Newegg is somewhat better than Amazon for me, but I still have to pay 350-400SR approximately $100 or more just for shipping!! Furthermore, "H500P Mesh White" is $260 (without shipping) on Newegg, I can get it for $216 with taxes & shipping included. And if possible, I would also request you to share your thoughts on my upcoming build, suggestions or an advice.
  11. Budget: $1500-$2000... (includes monitor), Shopping Location: Amazon & newegg {Monitor, Middle East) (Case, Middle East, absolute miracle to find it that cheap) System: Not final yet: X570 Arous Master 3700x Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB Silicon Power 1TB NVMe Sapphire Nitro+ 5700xt or maybe 2070 super Seasonic Titanium 750W or 850W BenQ EW3270U or BenQ EX3203R (going back & forth, 4k or no 4k, 144HZ for gaming or 4k for 4k content) Reason, Can upgrade to the 3950x in the future, without upgrading other components, should spend once rather then spending again & again, future proof!? Nah, I should not spend too much at once... X570 Arous Elite 2700x Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4 Ballistix Sport AT 16GB Seasonic FOCUS Plus 650W Silicon Power 1TB NVMe Sapphire Nitro+ RX 590 BenQ EW3270U or BenQ EX3203R Also I am not into shooting games like BF (at least for now) etc. Waiting for words of Wisdom!
  12. Hi, peace, I just ordered a "PHANTEKS ENTHOO PRIMO" for $150, now I don't know if I made the right choice, if it's two big for a first time builder & for air cooling, should I cancel it & order "COOLER MASTER H500P MESH" for $58 more??
  13. Thanks for the quick reply, the only reason I am thinking of buying an "X570 Arous Master" is because in two or three years, I want to upgrade my CPU without the need of upgrading the motherboard. Thanks also for the quick & informative reply, I will be pairing it with the 3700x, but as I mentioned above it's more of a future proof strategy.
  14. Hi, Thanks for the list, I want to know if "x570 Arous Master" can run the upcoming 3950x overclocked easily? I've never purchased PC parts on black friday before, I want to know if I will see a big difference in prices for the latest Ryzen Gen 3 CPUs, x570 motherboards & the latest Radeon GPUs or the big sale is all about finishing the old stock?