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  1. ea

    GeForce 1050 Ti

    it showed me the same card but it looked different, they all have diffecnce prices? does it only have to do with the GHz?
  2. I was looking around on pc part picker, i typed in the video card i was looking for but it gave me 3 chaises, i went to amazon and typed in the same card and it gave me a different card not listed on ppp. What would really be the difference other than price?
  3. ea

    Computer crashing

    I went into my bios and switched the primary video card also
  4. ea

    Computer crashing

    I did the ddu and reinstall the drivers but still crashing.
  5. ea

    Computer crashing

    OK ty I'll. Do it when I get home and see.
  6. ea

    Computer crashing

    The computer is crashing. No bsod
  7. ea

    Computer crashing

    It's plugged into the video card, I am. Not sure about the primary video device is set to, and I did install the drivers for the RX 570.
  8. I build a new pc for the first time, have a Radeon ex 570, AMD Ryzen 3 2200G, 8gb ram. But for some reason when I play destiny 2 and the sims 4 crashes. I turned down to low, I even over clocked it. I need help and see what I can do?