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  1. esta temeroso de que fuera la MB x q en nINGUN PCIe funcio pero ya comrep uan 1060 y no tuve ni eh tenido ningun problema
  2. nop, no pude, regrese la grafica a amazon, me estrese de no poder hacerla funcionar, mejor comprare Nvidia
  3. Also idk if is important but this my rx570
  4. done that haha, every time I update to 19.2.2 as son is get done the installing process I get green screen, then I need to DDU and erease all amd video drivers. like I said I've have tried a LOT of things and is problem after problem, I remember my first issue was ''error 1603'' while updating 19.2.2 haha I'm tired
  5. But the first time I plug it work fine (almost) all started when I try to reinstall the drivers thinking that that will solve my crash problem with ApeX, so I know the gpu works my las hope is new equipment, I just need the money for...
  6. Evga 450w BT. I can't borrow other psu and try, I could buy one but what's if it's not that, I don't wanna waste money that I don't have also yesterday while trying to fix mimy issue I realized that if I put my GPU on the first PCIe wont even turn on but if I put in on the second one will turn on but also not will be detected
  7. I will try that today, I hope it works cause am getting desperate nothing I do work. And I don't wanna take it to an "expert". Btw you think it's a psu issue? Like 450w it's not enough... Thinks for you help dude
  8. yep, first image is right after installing the driver, se second one is when I trun of f and on
  9. yep, but the 19.1.1 wont reconize my gpu
  10. Mexico A lot, I see what I could do Thanks.
  11. When I put newest driver of my rx570 (19.2.2 I think) I get a green screen and if I restate my PC wont give video
  12. I dont have but I tried get one. thanks.
  13. 450 BT and I dont have another psu.
  14. is new and gpu-z wont detected... device manager also wont detected