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  1. Id just use regular thermal paste
  2. Always go for one stronger card over 2 weaker cards
  3. Just looks like any generic power strip, cant find a company's name on it
  4. joshuaasme


    How good are the G560's? Im looking for speakers and these seem interesting
  5. If my computer is connected to my surge protector the PSU produces a high pitched whining noise, but the whine is inaudible unless youre really closed to the psu when its connected to the wall. Is this normal/fine or should I just connect it to the wall? My power supply is an EVGA 550 G2
  6. My budget is $200 (including amp if needed) and Im looking for very bassy desktop speakers
  7. joshuaasme

    G703 or G900?

    On Amazon I can get the G900 or G703 for about the same price, but Im not sure which to get The G703 has better ergonomics and is slightly lighter, but the G900 has more features. Which would be the better buy? I also wouldnt be using powerplay