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  1. PCMasterRaceFTWWW


    Go to discord. user settings> make sure the Yamaha is set to output device or input device cant remember which one. never tried this before but this may be the fix
  2. PCMasterRaceFTWWW

    Is it good.

    what pin power supply does the rx580 need? Buy that and it will be fine as all psu tend to have the same wires other than the 6 pin 8 pin etc
  3. PCMasterRaceFTWWW

    50 fps???

    Weird, this does happen to me. But considering i consider 50fps playable ive never noticed it that badly. Did it recently start doing this or has it always done it? Also if you could please attach a picture of the usage of the CPU when playing, trying to rule out a bottleneck
  4. PCMasterRaceFTWWW

    $260 GTX 1070Ti or a $400 RTX 2060?

    i payed just over that for a 2070 lol
  5. PCMasterRaceFTWWW

    Task Manager not reporting correct GPU usage?

    Just checked mine, As firewrath9 said. It's purely cause task manager is rubbish
  6. PCMasterRaceFTWWW

    RTX 2060

    What? He didnt ask anything about a PSU.
  7. PCMasterRaceFTWWW

    Watercooling higher oc

    Just adding watercooling and nothing else will stablilise what you have at least, but to have a "better" overclock obviously you have to crank up the settings
  8. PCMasterRaceFTWWW

    50 fps???

    What are your specs? Did you recently update drivers? Did you change game settings? Have you tried reinstalling said games?
  9. PCMasterRaceFTWWW

    Task Manager not reporting correct GPU usage?

    Could you perhaps attach an Image to give me a bigger picture?
  10. PCMasterRaceFTWWW


    Hey, I recently added a RTX 2070 to my build, which was fairly budget in the first place. but i believe i am now getting a bottleneck (getting frame drops alot and lower frames than expected) Specs Some Old Outdated Motherboard (Buying new one) i7 920 (Need some suggestions for a new one) 12 GB DDR3 (getting 16gb ddr4) Gigabyte RTX 2070 If you could suggest some decent and LOW PRICED processors around 180 GBP that will be better suited for my build that would be great!