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  • CPU
    R5 2600x @3.8GHz
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Aorus Pro B450
  • RAM
    Patriot Viper 3200MHz 16GB
  • GPU
    Gigabyte Windforce RTX 2070
  • Storage
    150GB Boot SSD. 1TB HDD, 2TB HDD @7200RPM
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Black
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiAhJf--dvqAhXVgFAGHXeRCm0YABAEGgJkZw&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESQOD2-kU12tpQtVm30UnVywLHwzjPQeZOcJHuANE2rHUyv98WBu8nJzvCpfT_taOWr8CH2-WlcEHb1OuVv6VKZhU&sig=AOD64_0FkWd2h4GobjgmRJb2lkAqvQ_W0w&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwiIso_--dvqAhU3QUEAHf9sBMcQ9aACegQIDRBQ&adurl=https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiAhJf--dvqAhXVgFAGHXeRCm0YABAEGgJkZw&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESQOD2-kU12tpQtVm30UnVywLHwzjPQeZOcJHuANE2rHUyv98WBu8nJzvCpfT_taOWr8CH2-WlcEHb1OuVv6VKZhU&sig=AOD64_0FkWd2h4
  2. its pretty entry level, sorry if ive revived a dead thread here, its a gigabyte aorus pro B450m
  3. Okay, this is good to hear. By two years i should have more than enough to at least upgrade the processor. its what makes me happy that i went AMD. All the way up to R9 they use AM4. My board im pretty sure has R9 support so in the next 2 years i could possibly buy an r9, maybe an extra amount of ram and upgrade that GPU when needed. Thanks for the help everyone
  4. In which case question answered. I use it to listen to music, play a couple of pc exclusives, I do a small amount of beginners programming and using the web, so i suppose overall it was a better idea.
  5. Not at all. What I am saying is would it have been a better overall choice to wait for console and buy that instead? I'm 14, that extra 250 or more pounds is a LOT of money to me.
  6. I am more than satisfied with my results, this machine is a beast. But ive owned it just under a year, will it seriously after that short period be no more than "average" so to speak? Nice pun BTW
  7. I have built a rig with an RTX 2070 Ryzen 5 2600x 1 Boot SSD and some Hard drives for the less demanding games 16 GB DDR4 3200Mhz RAM. After hearing the new Xbox and PC Specs, I feel like I have spent a butt ton of money after saving for so long (as i'm 14, so small jobs and chores paid for this machine) for the same sort of gaming performance I would get on the new console, and whilst the argument for upgradability for PC does come into play, I won't have that kind of value to buy say a new gen Graphics card along with a faster CPU etc. So I'm curious to know whether or not i ha
  8. Using AMD for Processors for ages. A couple of their GPUs can be a little unreliable but that normally happens during the warranty period and you can get it sorted. For processors there is no issues as of now for me.
  9. It will only make a difference if it is using all of that RAM. Does the RAM usage ever get that high? If yes you can upgrade but you probably wont see that much of a difference in terms of performance if it isnt maxing out the RAM.
  10. This is good to hear. Yes I know in the future 144hz will be a miss, eventually games will fall below that barrier, which is why im glad i have a gsync monitor. As long as i get 60fps I know thats a solid performance and ill always take it. Thanks!
  11. Hi guys. I have built a system, with 16GB DDR4 Patriot Viper 3200mhz ram, a Ryzen 5 2600x at 3.8Ghz and a Gigabyte Windforce RTX 2070 alongside a Gigabyte Aorus Pro B450M board. I have a few questions as this is my first ever build, so I need to know what im looking at in the future. Right now im running at 1080p but 144hz, im not entirely worried about resolution when I play, more just the refresh rate as of now, i did not have too much to spend on a monitor. Will this PC be able continue to do that for at least 3 years at medium settings in the newer and more demanding games tha
  12. Try going into your bios and seeing what the Fan curve looks like. Did you build this rig yourself or was it a prebuilt? If you didn't build it someone may have set the fan curve so it does this to stop noise.
  13. Any overclocks or anything on? Run some games and tell me how high the usage gets aswell please.
  14. Brand and model of gpu? Is this actually causing you any problems while using the card? Based on the error try these steps 1)Update your graphics card drivers from either NVIDIA or AMDs web site 2) Make sure your system is updated with the latest Windows updates 3) Check to make sure your system power supply meets the minimum recommended power requirement for your card