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  1. I have this monitor currently and it's working really great for me, I didn't find any issues with it. I think you would like it more since you have a far better gpu than me.
  2. I would love to watch your series since most of the information is so scattered in youtube, I like to watch any series when the same person explains the whole thing instead of looking for one topic in one place and another topic on another place. For example, if I need to watch any explanation videos for any subject like maths for my university, I always look for someone who has that entire subject in their channel.
  3. Yep I also agree that for the main channel it doesn't matter to me if the title is clickbait but for the tech quickie channel it matters because they provide the users with educational content so it makes it harder for someone to search for a topic.
  4. Oh I see, thanks for the response. I bought a new monitor a couple of weeks ago and am already thinking about a 2nd one. But I have to upgrade my pc first to completely utilize that 2nd one.