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  1. Elevate

    Help! My ssd isnt working

    Issue part- Inland 512gb NVME from microcenter Motherboard- MSI B450 A-Pro(6 months old) So, a couple of days ago, I bought a new ssd from micro center, a 512gb NVME ssd with 3100/1900 r/w speeds. I have an existing ssd in my computer which I boot off of (Kingston A400 240gb) The drive is detected in Windows and in disk/partition manager. Both drives have standard NFTS encryption, and both register as healthy, active partitions. IT WONT DETECT IN BIOS!! The drive doesn't appear in the boot order list, so I cant boot from it and use it. It appears in the BIOS when I look into the mobo map and it says in the M.2 slot, a 512gb nvme is plugged in. Any help whatsoever would be appreicated! I dont want to waste $70 on a worthless drive.
  2. Elevate

    First pc build looking for advice

    For a budget build amd wins, but for this intel is better.
  3. Elevate

    First pc build looking for advice

    While I may not be the smartest I know a z390 isn’t an am4 chipset, he could also purchase a new mobo and return the older one.
  4. Elevate

    Upgrading my 2013/2014 Gaming System

    Anything with a 80 plus rating should be fine. 600 watts and up would work for that setup. Good luck!
  5. Elevate

    First pc build looking for advice

    16gbs of RAM would work for a system of that caliber. I would get a high end Ryzen cpu or a mid range intel cpu. I also would get at least a 750 watt psu as well. I would recommend putting this build in pcparkpicker to check for compatibilities. Good luck on your build!
  6. Elevate

    Shutdown problems

    No problem! Good luck on making it work.
  7. Elevate

    Shutdown problems

    I would say recheck your case wires are in the mobo properly, but if you didn’t change anything it most likely isn’t that. I would make sure nothing is accidentally unplugging wires and making it nonfunctional.
  8. Elevate

    I deserve more than this

    It may be the wiring between the modem and router or ethernet cord. I would try a different modem or router if you can, and see if that works. I recently replaced my own router and get a solid 30-40% faster down speed than before. Good luck
  9. You should be able to run two different RAM brands, and I am currently doing that myself. However, sometimes they will not work together, and you need to get two of the same brand.