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  1. I am planning to get a second monitor for streaming and other stuff. Currently I have the PG279Q 27", IPS, 1440p, GSync. What should the other one be? should I get the same one or a different monitor? I would like it to be IPS and 1440p
  2. I've tried all of the ports and none of them worked. When I tried with the laptop, it works perfectly :/. My PC can somehow connect perfectly to the modem but not with the router
  3. it somehow still works when connected to the modem
  4. there is no signal at all, the pc doesn't even recognize it.
  5. I did the setup wizard thing, and everything devices can connect to wifi, my pc can not connect via ethernet but the other laptops can.
  6. I just got a new router, before that, I didn't even use the old router to connect to my pc, I used the modem. now I just got a new asus router, and I decided to connect the pc to the router via ethernet cable. When I plugged it in, I got no signal and the router says that nothing is connected too. I grabbed my laptop and connect it to the router using the ethernet cable, and there was signal! how do I fix this? my motherboard is an asus rog maximus xi code
  7. it wouldn't really make sense since he pays $70 for it
  8. I did the speed test with my computer connected to an ethernet cable
  9. so I just moved in with my dad, and the internet is kinda slow, 15mbps down and 5 mbps up. He told me that he paid like $70 a month for it. I checked his spectrum account and yes, it said something like 100mx10m. Now I don't know why it is like this, but I noticed he had a really old looking modem and router, I'm think that the issue here are these 2. what do you think I should do?
  10. I just got my rtx 2080 ti, I installed the driver on the nvidia website already, but I wonder what this VGA driver is for, I know about the GPU Tweak but not the VGA, do I need to install this?
  11. ok it works again after restarting.. sorry for wasting your time!
  12. I could still type the numbers in though, just not use the to switch weapon..