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  1. I read on other forums saying that the studio version is better as it has an ability to switch to GPU instead of CPU for video playback and encoding/decoding. Yeah optimizing media helps a lot for laggy playback but it takes time and storage space, but still its free so cant really complain too much. 'Mihle' what are you running on your rig? are you getting good playback from your video files without optimizing media or trans coding?
  2. Yeah definitely have that selected, when i check system resources, CPU is at 80-100% and Intel is at 40% and GTX 1060 is only at 12%. It feels like it doesn't utilize the NVIDIA GPU at all.? Any other ideas? or is my laptop to low spec for video editing?
  3. Just wanted to ask a question, I have a laptop specced at I7-7700HQ, GTX1060 6GB, 16GB RAM and SSD Drive. I'm having some issues with Davinci Resolve 15, when loading up media from my gopro at 2.7k at 120fps the playback is super laggy/choppy. The only way to 'fix' this is to optimize media or transcode it. I've been reading on a lot of forums and they say that the 'paid' studio version is a lot better as it implements the GPU more. Have any of you experienced better playback and rendering when using the studio version or are you guys/girls not having any trouble with UHD footage with the free version of Davinci Resolve 15. I would've thought that my laptop would be able to playback and do simple editing through the software without transcoding or creating proxy files but it cant. For reference, I have installed premier pro and i do not get the same laggy/choppy playback with the same files, anyone knows why this the case? Thanks in advance.
  4. lph

    DaVinci Resolve 15

    Wanted to ask are you getting good playback with your computer? and are you able to edit off any UHD footage without transcoding or optimizing media?
  5. I'm trying to use Davinci Resolve, its free which is a big plus. The only issue I have with it is that trying to scrub through footage from the GoPro is so laggy. I have an i7-7700HQ, GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM and SSD. Apparently, the Studio version runs a lot better but I don't fancy spending $300 and finding out that it makes no difference. has anyone tried it before with similar specs? and got good results?
  6. The turbo is the variant they offered .... they were not willing to give me anything better unfortunately .... a bit relieved that it’s better ... I wasn’t quite sure if it was majorly better or not... as I was only comparing the clock speeds.. well gotta wait for it though .... it’s coming from Taiwan... expected delivery date mid March.....
  7. Hey thanks for the quick reply, yes it would be free as they say they cannot get parts for repairing the GTX 1070ti... noise isn’t too much of an issue as the Ryzen 2700x fan is quite noisy as well... ok thanks for the tip!
  8. My gigabyte 1070ti ( N107Tgaming OC8GD) failed on me but luckily it had warranty. So I took it back to my service centre and they are now currently offering me a gigabyte 1080ti ( gv-n108tturbo-11gd) From what I can tell the 1080ti has lower clock speeds than the 1070 as it isn’t overclocked.. would you guys/ girls change? Just wanted to check for your opinions?