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  1. I also found a simmilar problem online and the user claims it was a problem with an onboard intel APU but that does not sound right as from my experience, usually when You put a GPU in and plug all video cables into it and the video is outputting from it, usually it means the APU is just turned off automatically. APU hogging resources does seem possible but I think it should be disabled on Your end, if You have one onboard You may want to check in BIOS if it is disabled or the output is set to the PCI-E card.
  2. Ok, so the last three things that come to my mind are: -Get into BIOS and set everything power related to full performance/no power saving. -Reinstall GPU drivers -Get a clean Windows Install. Both, the Ryzen and 1060 should fly with these games if You don't run 4k, in my opinion, so if there is nothing busted, there is something holding it back. Asset streaming issues like these usually are caused by not enough Vram/Not enough RAM/Disk usage too high/throttling of some sort related to CPU or GPU but given the resource monitoring and the hardware You have, that should not be the case.
  3. Another Wild guess.. i'm stretching it a bit I think.. but we are running out of options here. Does Your 1060 run using an additional power cable? Like a 6 pin or whatever? If so, try to check if it is properly plugged in.
  4. The Page file is a file i which Windows stores some data offloaded off RAM if needed but if You are not hitting any RAM limit nor Vram limit that sounds less likely to be a Pagefile / HDD performance issue. You can try though. The Page file setting is located somewhere in the system manager, in advanced system or performance settings if I recall. But You should know that some apps use this file by design so You may run into some stability issues while tinkering with it. Nothing major happened when I used to turn it off but then again - I have 16GB of RAM so not too many apps use it on my PC I guess.
  5. If RAM is not somehow limited and shows up in system manager in Windows as 8GB that has to be an asset streaming issue of sorts. What resolution are You gaming on and what setting do You use? I think it might be possible You are throwing too much at that 3GB Vram 1060. If You are using Steam's Big Picture mode while gaming, try to lower BP's resolution (it helped me smooth out Doom performance when I had a 2GB 750 Ti). Go into Nvidia Control Panel and make sure You are using the maximum performance option in the performance mode/power management option (don't remember how is it called). If it is a Vram bottleneck You may want to try and disable the Page File in Your system if You are running a slower HDD, as some game engines might offload Vram resources to RAM and then if insufficient store some data off it on the HDD but that is a wild guess on my end.
  6. Umm. Don't You have a 32bit Windows or something? I think Windows 7 32bit limits the memory to 3.7-3.8GB if I recall right. Both GTA5 and BF1 are quite ram heavy and if Your RAM sticks at less than 4GB that would explain why.
  7. Ok, I got a thing for You to try - get Riva Statistic Server and with it, lock GTA5 to 30fps and see if it becomes more stable with that lock in place.
  8. Well, I live and was born in Poland in still comunist regime. Even though I was too young to actually rember it itself, I clearly remember the transformation to democracy. Why bring it up? Consoles were not a thing here and were still very rare up till late 90s or yearly 2000s (not counting Pegasus, which was a pretty common NES clone almost everyone had lying around at some point) and 99,9% of us, kids in the 80s and 90s had PCs, Amigas, ZX Spectrums, Commodores and such. Why? Imagine living in a place in which for many years there was no such thing as an Intellectual Property or Copyrights, where it was absolutely normal and fully legal to go to the most luxury shop at the time, pass the nice lady at the counter a floppy disk and legally buy a pirated copy of lemmings for Your Amiga 500. Consoles did not have a chance as their games were on cartridges that were hard or impossible to copy at the time, so distributors did not even bother with Megadrives or Snesses around here. My first legitimate console ever was a PS1 and still most vendors would sell them modded first hand. So, for most of my life I was a PC gamer thru and through. Still, I envy the western kids to be able to play all those amazing games back then. Be it Sega, Nintendo, Atari or whatever. When consoles came here with full force I noticed how hassle free and convenient they were. Also how streamlined their use was. Just pop a game in and boom - You're all set, no setting up soundblaster parameters and even selecting color depth. Today console gaming sucks - it's PCs in smaller packaging with the same patches, updates and installing. I honestly believe You can get a PC running in the ballpark of console quality and performance for basically the same amount of money, even if the parts are used. That is why I collect old consoles today, to catch up one the unknown side of gaming and learn to appreciate what these little boxes managed to do back then given the silly specs they had. I remember when the 200-something mhz PS2 rocked GTA3 while my 900mhz Duron struggled with it. Sure it's a different hardware architecture and no OS but that is still impressive to me.
  9. Yes, my cousin has an Original snes and slowdown does occur from time to time. The worse thing is that it is a Pal version, which means games run slower by default.. couple that with the performance slowdown made by the hardware being pushed and welcome to slomo city
  10. Sure, that is normal. My N64 also does that. Try cleaning the contact points of the cartridge slot and you should be good. These things are kinda old these days (but still awesome) and we have to cut them some slack every now and then. Console issues aside - I'm currently stacking up on gamepads for my collection. Some of mine start to have faulty wires and don't want to wake up one day to find additional pads are too rare and too expensive.
  11. Yea, my PSU would click when failing too back then. Try borrowing one before buying just in case
  12. Your capacitor theory sounds about right to me. If You have tried other PSUs and it randomly works after fiddling with cables and parts, You might be onto something. The last time I had a bad capacitor was maaany years ago, back on my old Duron build but that thing would just resist turning on one morning and I had to plug it in and out and luckily it would stay on, otherwise the front panel LED just flashed for a fraction of a second then. Bad capacitors usually look bad as in buldged or popped. Tried examining them closely?
  13. High disk usage could be caused by either file indexing, virus software scanning or a system update running in the background. There are a few tutorials on lowering disk usage caused by these and other Windows processes on Youtube. Think You should give it a try. I never caused any damage by overclocking anything in my life other than outright frying my old Athlon But other than that - never and I am not expert I don't think OCing is the root cause but You could switch something on or off while tinkering with BIOS or OS options
  14. I found out that some rare games could not handle multiple sound outputs like say having Your machine hooked up to a desktop setup with a speaker set plus a second video out to the TV for movies via hdmi, which also outputs audio and an Xbox One Controller with plugged in headphones. Can't remember which title but I had to manually disable those I did not use to play but it was something really, really dated. Try reinstalling audio drivers and later try to fiddle with output devices in the sound options with that speaker icon on the system tray bar. Also, check if Your setup uses some sound equalising apps provided by the manufacturer as I guess they might conflict with some software but that seems a bit unlikely and farfetched
  15. My Corsair PSU once died soon after doing that and it begun doing so while playing the first Watchdogs and the Tomb Raider reboot at first, if I recall properly. There is a possibility that something else is doing that but the PSU surely sounds like the main culprit to me.