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  1. The shop used different cables and monitors, im pretty sure i need an updated bios as the bios chip on my mobo is glowing orange and the cpu light is red on my mobo, the guy at the shop said that there isnt anything wrong with the the hardware, i just need an updated bios.
  2. Yes they suggested to buy a older cpu so i can update the bios then replace it with my currect cpu
  3. I have a gtx 950 but the pc repair shop says that they dont have the correct equipment to update the bios
  4. Okay, after i took my pc to a pc repair shop to see why my pc isnt working and they said it becuase your bios is outdated and your cpu is not compatible for that version of bios, there is no way i can access bios, the monitor says "no signal" so i cant update it manually so is there anyway i can update the bios without getting a new cpu?SpecsGigabyte ax 370Ryzen 5 1600x
  5. Ive had the mobo for quite some time but it hasnt been used until a few weeks ago and im pretty sure the warranty has ran out, so which is a shame
  6. Well thats a relief i havent seen the 00 error code .YET. but can you thurther elaborate on RMA? thanks
  7. Okay so basically after finally getting my home built pc to completion, i couldnt actually get the pc to connect to my monitor, my gpu fans would spin then stop, my bios light on my mobo is swithed on and so is an led under my cpu. I also have this LED display on my motherboard that gives coded such as: FC, 64, 61, 02, A1 e.g. im not sure what they are. I dont get any beeps, and i also changed the ram in many slots and did one at a time but each slot i do i get new codes (i mostly get "FC" code) by the way all connections are correct, everything is solid tight and fixed into position. I also checked for cpu pin bends or misplacing and it seems to be all okay, any suggestions? Specs Cpu: ryzen 5 1600x Motherboard: gigabyte ax370 Gpu: strix gtx 950 Psu: corsair cx 750M Ram: ballistic sport 8gb ddr4 (not the best but was told it shouldnt be an issue
  8. I dont think its the ram for my issue im pretty sure my cooler was not on properly as the cpu needs to be 100% covered by the cooler with not alot of thermal paste applied, i used the wrong brackets for the am4 sockets but i could still put the cooler on but it was 90% touching the cpu and was not pressing hard enough to the cpu so i think thats the reason.
  9. Okay so you could be correct im using the dark rock 3 and the mother board cpu slots are am4 but the dark rock 3 came with the wrong brackets so i had to order the correct brackets. Unfortunately the new brackets also where not correct but i could still manage to apply the cooler to the mobo but i dont think it was fully pressing on the cpu so you could be correct thanks for that! Really appreciate it. yesterday i ordered the correct brackets so im hoping this will fix my issue!
  10. Ive tried that but nothing, i got told saying if the cpu gets warm/hot it should be working because power is flowing through. correct me not.
  11. I took out the gpu beforehand and it it still didnt work and the only connectors to the mobo is the actual power cable and the 8 pin cpu power cable
  12. Ive got terrible ram because i ran out of money and i looked up and i saw that my ram was compatible for the ryzen 5 but im guessing their wrong, when i get paid ill buy better ram, any suggestions for good ram (not too expensive, limit £70) thanks!
  13. Okay so basically ive been building my pc and when it came to completion i turned it on and everything worked fine such as: fans spinning and led's turning on e.g. but noticed that my pc didnt connect to the monitor nor the gpu fans where spinning, i checked if ALL caples are connected such as HDMI cable and check if my gpu was properly in and everything was fine so then later on after snooping around i noticed that the led under the cpu light on my mobo was glowing red and looked up saying that the red led means that there is a failiure with the cpu, i checked if there where bends, if it was in correctly and tested to see if power went through it and it was all fine, (i wore a non static wrist band when handling my cpu so it cant be that). The BIOS led also shines orange on my mobo too. Hope you can help me. PC SPECS: - mobo: aorus ax370 gaming 5 - psu: corsair 750w - ram: ballistic sport 8gb 2400 - cpu: ryzen 5 1600x - gpu: strix gtx 950ti 2gb