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  1. the process name that causes the BSOD is different each time it happens as well i just hope it isn't that the CPU is malfunctioning or something.
  2. Nothing really i was just gaming when this popped out of nowhere and my nightmare began, i started getting BSODs almost everytime i restore processor power management to 100 while plugged to charger, and i have no idea why this happened. i just hope it's not a hardware issue. so can someone capable analyse the dump files and tell me if they discovered something.
  3. i came here to share my worries about the current state of my laptop as it is spitting out BSOD errors when certain conditions are fulfilled. Laptop information: OS: windows 10 home edition 64-bit version 1809 build 17763.253 OEM version haven't reinstalled the OS cpu model: intel core i7 7700HQ 2.8ghz gpu model: nvidia GeForce gtx 1070m 8gb storage: 512gb ssd + 1tb hdd ram: 32gb ddr4 2400mhz system manufacturer: ASUS model: asus rog strix GL502VS-GZ289T laptop model number:8260NGW I have been getting BSOD errors when the following conditions are fulfilled: -running maximum processor state at 100% "when plugged or in battery" in advanced power options(i have to keep it at least 99% "2.7ghz max" on plugged for it to remain functional) -running extensive cpu tasks (mostly gaming) -trying to reset the system or doing a clean windows installation(this means trying to reinstall windows to fix the issue is out of the question) -other times it happens randomly when it's idle dump file + performance output zip: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b8tl18pbipy2i7n/Dump_files_%2B_performance_output.rar/file i have tried many tests for ram, drives and system files but none had any impact. i hope someone here can give me a hand to get through this issue or at least diagnose the main problem behind this. for more questions on this issue you can contact me by: email: aymenanbouadi@gmail.com i hope for a quick and helpful response .
  4. hello i want to make a BSOD report but my crash dump files can't be archived winrar shows an access denied dialogue when trying to compress them.