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  1. You can change the frequency of the RAM at the same place where you activate XMP. I know if you disable XMP you are not getting the 3200mhz but you should try it anyway...
  2. You should try with only the real Corsair ones, and definitely check for a BIOS update! If that doesn't work try to disable XMP or a start at a lower frequency and slowly increase it !
  3. Do you have the BIOS up to date? Wich ram do you have? wich slots did you put the ram on? have you change the speed of it or have XMP enabled?
  4. ZigaZz

    My first Build

    HeyImZigaZz, add me if you want to play some matches!
  5. ZigaZz

    My first Build

    Thanks I guess you are right about the 2080, but when I'm editing It feels like it helps though
  6. ZigaZz

    My first Build

    Thanks !! I do some streaming at the same time, that's why I went for the 2080 !!
  7. ZigaZz

    My first Build

    Hi, This was my first build ever, what do you guys think?? MBO: micro atx asus tuf b - 450m-plus CPU: amd ryzen 7 2700 GPU: zotac geforce rtx 2080 gaming amp extreme core 8gb RAM : 16gb(2x8gb) corsair vengeance lpx cl16 ddr4-3200mhz SSD: m.2 2280 samsung 970 evo plus 500gb mlc v-nand nvme PSU: seasonic focus plus gold 650w full modular CASE: atx nox hummer tg rgb KEYBOARD: corsair k55 rgb MOUSE: steelseries rival 310 MONITOR : LG 22mp58vq 1920 x 1080 60hz (still waiting for the 144hz one )
  8. thanks for the answer, I will consider it!!!
  9. Hi, I want to upgrade my PC because I want to play some games at 4k but mainly to play FPS games at 1440p 144fps, stream, photo and video editing! Just let me know if you change some parts or if you have any kind of suggestion. Thanks
  10. ZigaZz

    Monitor for gaming

    What do you guys think about this one : https://www.pcdiga.com/monitor-acer-kg251qfbmidpx-tn-24-5-fhd-16-9-144hz-freesync Thanks
  11. Hello, I want to buy a new monitor for gaming (apex, pubg) but I don't know which one to get, my budget is 250€ (I'm from Portugal). Although I want to play at 1080p at 144hz, do you guys have any recommendations? I don't know if it's helpful or not but I will buy the monitor from one of these stores. https://www.pcdiga.com/ https://www.globaldata.pt/ Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello guys, I didn't find any answers for the problem I have, so I was hoping you guys could lead me to the best solution. So, I need to create an app for android or just a regular image on windows that changes with the clicks on certain areas! The goal here, it's like having an image with 10 tables at a restaurant and when I click one of the tables it will automatically mark that table as reserved, like you click on the table and a red cross appears on top of it, checking that table out, that's the idea. The reason I mentioned android app, it's because it would be easier to use. Have I been clear with my thoughts? BTW I've used Android Stuidio Creator before! Thanks in advance for all of your wasted time!!
  13. do you think this one is worth it? https://www.pcdiga.com/monitor-aoc-g2460fq-tn-24-fhd-16-9-144hz