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  1. Buying a 100$ cooler for 2700K is beyond ridiculous.
  2. 5700xt is something like 6% slower than rtx 2070 super on multigame avg fps. benchmarks. So a lot faster than 1660ti (close to +50%). I would maybe downgrade psu a bit and go for tx550m instead and buy a tower cooler for cpu. https://www.globaldata.pt/catalog/product/view/id/10430/s/cooler-cpu-arctic-freezer-34-acfre00052a/ https://www.globaldata.pt/fonte-bitfenix-formula-550w-80-gold-bp-fm550ulag-9r or https://www.globaldata.pt/fonte-semi-modular-corsair-tx-550m-80-gold-cp-9020133-eu Also ssd swapped to sata model saves 20€ too. There is pretty much no difference in games. https://www.globaldata.pt/componentes/discos/ssd/disco-ssd-blueray-ultra-m8s-480gb-3d-tlc-sata-iii-sdm8si480a Nova Mesh looks like a nice case. https://www.globaldata.pt/caixa-atx-bitfenix-nova-mesh-preta-bfc-nvm-300-kkxsk And get one or two fans for intake. https://www.globaldata.pt/ventoinha-arctic-cooling-p14-pwm-pst-preto-acfan00125a
  3. I would take that front top roof fan out completely. No use to blow air out before it heat ups from any components and if intake it will only create turbulance for the front panel intake.
  4. Drive broken and preventing start up? Sata cable poorly connected?
  5. Blue snowball ice used and 10$ arm for it. Got my setup new for about 45€:s with 24% vat.
  6. http://www.skytech.lt/cp9020133eu-psu-corsair-tx550m-550w-plus-gold-semimodular-120mm-p-343851.html http://www.skytech.lt/cp9020177eu-psu-corsair-rmx-series-rm550x-550w-plus-gold-fully-modular-140mm-p-386048.html RMX is better and has 10 year warranty.
  7. Yes it can, as higher voltage on memory controller will raise temps.
  8. People say that tight memory timings limit boost clocks too.
  9. Do you have motherboard software installed that controls fans? Asus ai suite etc?
  10. Just make sure nothing is hitting the fan blades. That should be relatively quiet even at max rpm. And you can always lower the rpm, buying a Noctua fan will make about 0 difference if you run it with similar rpm:s.
  11. What voltage and how is it setup in the case?
  12. Well you can get a gpu with that 100$. Even with Intel you should be better off with 8400/9400 and an rx570/gtx1060 than only 8700 in Premiere.
  13. If 3600 is 100$ cheaper, I wouldnt even consider 8700. And like said before, if 8700 is in your budget range, 3700X could be the smarter buy.
  14. Asus x570 tuf or Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite could be considered future proof. Cheaper b450-boards wont handle 16-core cpu:s well.
  15. Arctic p12:s are nice. The 5 pack of pwm pst:s is unarguably the best value out there(26€ vat included).
  16. Yes its better than stock. It will also blow air on the motherboard vrm heatsinks so its good for that too.
  17. I would spend the extra 10-15£ to get a 500 or 600W unit. More options when the time comes to upgrade gpu.
  18. Should be fine if it really is a 400W psu on 12V rail.
  19. People upped the limit to 150% with 5700 because thats how you oc'd vega.
  20. Just put that radiator in front panel as an intake and you wont heat up your cpu with gpu. That depends a lot on what cpu you run. If I remember correctly Tweaktown tests with a 4770K with low voltage(1.15V or something like that) so you cant see differences with high-end and middle class coolers.
  21. You did read that before posting? Still no data with no overloading.
  22. Still yet to see a site test this with an oscilloscope. Mostly fan boyism at its worst.
  23. What version of Prime are you running? And you can always play with the power limit setting too. So that you set the length so that clocks stay high while gaming, and drop an all core avx load.
  24. You could always pick an MSI board with biosflashback function if no MSI b450 max boards are for sale. Those MSI max-versions are new with a larger bios chip and will support 3000-series out of the box. https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/bvfo57/list_of_b350_b450_x370_and_x470_motherboards_with/