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  1. you can but if you flash different variants you'll brick the card. You can only flash 1660ti bios' and only ones with the same pcb style
  2. Been wanting to do the same to my 2080ti as the power limit sucks always hitting that, did you find the higher power limit giving a kind of performance increase?
  3. I have a 2080ti with a 3900x on 850W, you'll be fine...
  4. This but swap the from front top 140mm to intake so the air cooler isn't starved otherwise you draw out the air taken in from the intake as shown below with my meshify C. Also, on the front I have 2 140mm fans and a 120mm fan, it juuuuust fit with a real squeeze. C
  5. Nice, when in doubt go Noctua, always worth the money in my opinion
  6. This or Noctua NT-2 but these are beating with liquid metal if you can use them... I placed LM on my laptop GPU and CPU that was 5 years old and it has literally brought the old girl back to life, the old Nvidia 870M is a damn hot GPU
  7. I use a Meshify C as well, I have 3 Noctuas out front, 2 industrial 140mm and a 120mm at the bottom
  8. I bought this exact one, it does only allow 120 or 92mm fans though: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Evercool-PB-01-slot-bracket-120mm/dp/B0737L7HX5 I personally can't fit a 120mm due to my side fans exhausting, also I would be cautious going much bigger then 92mm due to case fitment also you will be blowing the hot exhausted air up towards the CPU which isn't the best in my case especially since I have a dual tower air cooler. At the time I had considered this due to it being cheaper: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gelid-Slot-Holder-slim-120mm/dp/B00OAPH76Q/ref=pd_sbs_147_t_0/262-53022
  9. Another idea would also be to maybe consider changing the thermal paste for some LM that might aid in keeping things coolers
  10. It's a pci fan bracket got it from Ebay for 3-4 GBP and then I used 3 of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Noctua-NF-A9-PWM-Premium-Cooling/dp/B00RUZ059O I then have them connected to the Corsair Commander PRO this allows me to have them PWM sensitive to GPU temps and not CPU which is awesome.
  11. Maybe do what I did (I now have three fitted), noise is reduce thermals keep to 60C max overclocked.
  12. CPU can easily handle the upgrade, I'd personally get the 2070 super for that extra performance jump and overclock it to the max and then you'll be right on the limit of what your system can handle cpu wise and psu wise
  13. I'd say 2080 or higher for sure, I know the ti's are decreasing a bit at the moment if that's in your price range and the performance bump is massive
  14. sounds like coil whine, maybe RMA just in case it was Amazon they'll accept anything back for replacement