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  1. @Jurrunio@Derrk@kelvinhall05 Thanks for the feedback everyone. The two I've listed aren't the only options I have. They were just two that I've tried and had features I liked. It seems like this is something I should do more research on by going to a store. Then are there some brands that are better than others? Better as in they're cost effective like they don't charge extra for no reason or for unnecessary features.
  2. That's what I've been seeing from other discussions asking similar things. I'v been to the store and have tried both the keyboards mentioned above as well as some others. I just don't really know what I should be looking for though, they feel pretty great and way better than my current keyboard. I just want to know if one is an objectively better buy or if there are certain things about different switches I should be aware of. Also what it's like to use one for a long time.
  3. Hello I was looking to buy a Mechanical Keyboard. I'm looking to spend no more than around $150 and preferably I'd like to spend around $120. I will be using this for both gaming and typing. I keep hearing Cherry MX is best for gaming but I hear mixed reviews for Romer G with some people saying their the worst for typing/gaming to they're the best for gaming. Any help would be appreciated. I was initially looking a the Logitech G613 keyboard or the K63 wireless Keyboard. I'd prefer if they were wireless but it's not a must. Thank you in advanced
  4. Your laptop doesn't need to be super powerful for doing work as a computer science major. Invest in a decent desktop and get serviceable laptop to use on the go. The only real reason you'd even need a laptop for classes is if you're prof does live coding demos or if your group, for whatever group projects you get, just refuse to work remotely and absolutely require you to be in the same room as them. That being said, a laptop isn't absolutely necessary either unless you're school is forcing that requirement on you.
  5. Why try to fit 7 people on one machine? Regardless of whether your specs can handle this or not you're gonna need to find a way to plug in 7 monitors as well. Even if you're using one giant monitor to split the screen into smaller sizes that's going to be like at least two people sitting side by side sharing one ultra wide or a tv at inconvenient viewing angles. Also plugging in 7 sets of mouse and keyboard? You can do it but you'd need to get a bunch of usb expansion cards but even then it's going to be a huge mess of cables since you probably need to get usb extension cables to make sure everyone can stay at their desks at a reasonable distance from the pc. Just isn't worth it the time or money to get this thing configured. Check out this video where Linus tries it with just 6 people and what a massive pain int he ass it was and how impractical it turned out to be for everyday use.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Western-Digital-Caviar-Drive-WD3200AAKS/dp/B000RT3GHI Looks like SATA to me check pics and also user review pics
  7. The best intel chips will be better than AMD yes but you already have an x470 mobo and the AMD chip comes with a cooler. If you go intel you'd need a new mobo and a cooler as well which would bring the price up. Again intel would be better but not worth it at the price. You'd be paying something like $10 per frame increase and is that really worth it? People aren't recommending intel to you just because they're fan boys but because it's the best option for YOUR current situation since you've said you already have an x470 mobo. Plenty of people and most if not all of the people who have already posted in this thread recommend intel builds as well if the situation calls for it. But in your case it makes no sense to recommend you an intel build when AMD matches performance pretty closely and you already have an x470 board.
  8. Thanks for the recommendations guys @jstudrawa @Votivee
  9. I don't have access to the laptop and would like to buy this today on the way home from work. But here were a few I was looking at https://www.microcenter.com/product/607134/elitedesk-800-g1-sff-desktop-pc-(refurbished) https://www.microcenter.com/product/609931/compaq-elite-8300-usff-desktop-pc-(refurbished) https://www.microcenter.com/product/607572/optiplex-990-sff-desktop-pc-(refurbished) https://www.microcenter.com/product/609928/optiplex-990-usff-desktop-pc-(refurbished) https://www.microcenter.com/product/607574/thinkcentre-m93p-sff-desktop-pc-(refurbished) $250 isn't a super hard budget I'm okay with it going over by like $10~. Also I get a 5% discount with my card as well. @Votivee Would like your opinion as well if you've got moment. Edit: @jstudrawa I should've specified but the laptop isn't mine and I'm looking to buy this for someone else.
  10. Looking to buy a pre-build to replace an old laptop. Not sure what the specs of the laptop are but it's about under a decade old. The pre-built will be used for basic things like word and excel and streaming services like netflix and hulu. What are minimum specs I should look for? I'd like it to be as cheap as possible as it's not going to serve as a replacement for the laptop but as a substitute for when the laptop is unavailable. Between $150 and $250 would be idealand location is US. My local Microcenter has a few refurbished models going for around those ranges. They have I5 3000-4000 and I3 8000 for around those prices.
  11. I don't see the need to upgrade. Your CPU is fine and your GPU is top of the line.
  12. >Mods add no benefit >Fallout New Vegas: comes with broken quests and game braking glitches that haven't patched on consoles. >PC version comes with mods to fix said broken quests and glitches the devs won't bother with >Skyrim: unskippable intro sequence >PC version comes with mods that let you skip over it so you're not sitting through 2 hours of crap every time you play. >implying digital console games don't come with licenses >implying license free versions of pc games don't exist Not all the time and consoles also come with things user need to troubleshoot but in a much more restrictive environment. Also Google and this forum is a thing so you don't need to be a technician just literate. That's never happened to me or anyone I know. But what has happened is that I come home turn my console on and it won't let me play games or use apps that access the internet due to a pending system update. WIndows may have a ton of updates but it never locks you out of the internet because you won't get them
  13. It's won't but okay. Why? SLI is pretty much dead and even if you argue it lots of games don't support it. Even the ones that do don't net you twice the performance it's like 30% at best so you're paying $1200 bucks to get a 30% increase.
  14. It's not that noisy. When you're not gaming you won't hear it and when you are gaming it gets "louder" but unless you have your speakers or headphone on mute you won't be bothered by it.