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  1. @AndrewZScorpion @lee32uk So then do timings not matter that much? I'm fine not getting these. I mostly picked these cause they were one of the few on B-die finder that were also 32 GBs on 2 sticks. Also do would prices stay low till around black Friday or is it better to just buy now? Would 3600MHz be good for Zen 3 or should I consider going higher?
  2. The timing is a bit different. That one is 16-19-19-39. I chose the one that was linked because it was Samsung B-die at least according to B-die finder. I also had this in mind but it was a $15 difference so I just chose the more fancy looking one. I'll use my PC for gaming and photo and video editing. edit: Or does the timing and B-die not make a significant difference?
  3. I'm thinking of taking advantage of falling RAM prices to upgrade. I was looking at this 3600 MHz with 16-16-16-36 timing I wanted this for when I upgrade to Zen 3 Ryzen later this year. Thank you.
  4. Neat! I have a Ryzen CPU and I'm thinking of upgrading to Zen 3 when it comes out. Should I try and buy something with 4000 MHz or will 3600 MHz be enough?
  5. I don't need it immediately but I was planning on building a new PC later this year once the RTX 3000 stocks stabilize and possibly Zen 3 CPUs come out. I was thinking of buying ram now though cause I was seeing a lot of discounts. I'm mostly worried about them going back up in price around November or December.
  6. I was wondering if this was a good time to buy Ram. I see a few stores offering lots of discounts and I was wondering if there was a specific reason for it, like is ddr5 coming out soon or something?
  7. I'd be fine with it not being able to noise cancel. I'm just going to be using these at home. Do you have any recommendations? Or what to look for when shopping around? Any notable brands?
  8. I like progressive rock, jazz, classical music, and video game music. And I don't know what open back headphones are. I googled them just now but I'm not sure what benefits they offer. I'm open to them though.
  9. Hello I would like to buy a pair of head phones and a separate mic. I will mostly use the headphones for movies and music. I play games as well but mostly single player ones. I don't really play anything competitive online or at least not very seriously. I am in the US and my currency is USD. I am looking to spend around $200 dollars on the headphones preferably a bit less but if the quality is great I wouldn't mind going a little over. As for the mic I'd like it to be relatively cheap but still decent to good. Maybe under $50. For head phones I'd like over
  10. Thank you for the help. I'd like a 70% keyboard so I can have arrow keys. Do they usually sell the plate, pcb, and case in a combo for those? Also if browns aren't your favorite what would you recommend as an affordable key cap that's good for typing and light gaming? I've only had the chance to try out cherry red, speed, and browns. I dislike the logitech keys though and I'm not a fan of the razor keycaps.
  11. Thank you for this. Anything to look out for when buying parts in terms of compatibility or is it fairly straight forward? Also KBDFans seems to be lacking in inventory at the moment. Do you think I will need to order parts from lots of different websites? Also any recommendations for a key switch that's similar to Cherry MX browns?
  12. @AdvocateOfNyx @geo3 So I've looked into it and it honestly looks doable. @geo3 Where do you usually buy parts from and how long does it take to get delivered to you? How long can I expect it to take to actually build? As someone with no soldering experience how likely is it that I might mess up? The videos on youtube I've seen are recommending a $80 soldering kit. I've found a few on my own that costs under $20 but I'm not sure what to make of them. Could you recommend some? I don't need this right away but I would like to have it as soon as
  13. Does making a keyboard require of lot of other expenses? A lot of the videos I've seen of people building involved soldering and that seems like a whole set of tools I'd need to buy for a one time thing.
  14. Hello I am looking to buy a mechanical keyboard for a MacBook Pro and wanted some suggestions. I don't need number pad on the right but I would like for it to have arrow keys. I am thinking of spending around $200 USD for one but I'm willing to go a little higher if the quality is worth it. No more than $300 USD and preferably a little lower than that to cover shipping and tax. I will be using it mainly for developing and light gaming on the side. Also I prefer brown keys but am willing to give blue a try. I would prefer it to be whit
  15. Hello I am trying to set up a home office with my MacBook Pro. I was trying to decide between whether I should choose 2 regular monitors or if I should go with one ultrawide. I don't have much experience with MacBooks and I've been informed sometimes they do not work well with Ultrawides so I'd like some advice on that here. I'd also like some monitor recommendations as well if possible for whichever set up you think would be best. I'm going to be using this for software development. My Mac's specs are as follows: CPU: i7 6-core 2.6 GHz GPU: Radeon