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August Garcia

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    Former Viagra Salesman


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    ThreadRipper 1950X
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    128 Gigabytes, but like, as a joke
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    Four of the Finest Acer B28HKs
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    IBM Model M or GTFO
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  1. August Garcia

    Start python script via phone

    If you don't need a UI, it would probably be easiest to look into how to send SSH commands from android/iOS/whatever you're using on your phone. Pseudocode would be something like: // [Some Imports Here, Probably] function alarm_app() { // Your current code return $some_time_stamp; } function main() { $timestamp = alarm_app(); $user = "john"; $password = "mypassword"; $host = ""; $port = 22; // Concatenate your timestamp into the command that you're running via SSH $command = "sudo python start_motor.py " . $timestamp+(5*60); $ssh_session = start_session($user, $password, $host, $port); $ssh_session.send_command($command); }
  2. August Garcia

    Start python script via phone

    If the issue is how to get a set up a UI on your phone, one way that you could do this is to: Set up a basic webpage with a button (and whatever other UI you want) Then have that UI send requests to the Rasp Pi. That would also let you run the script from any device with an internet connection.
  3. Skype and WhatsApp are both fairly standard for international calls.
  4. If you are already able to use a computer for tasks like posting on Internet forums, you can learn the basics of computer assembly fairly easily within a month or so, though there is clearly substantially more to learn.