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  1. Hmm... I read it and didn't get the same vibe as you. Changed the title again to "Worldwide except China". The title is already pretty long. Regardless, this will probably either kill Huawei's market outside of China or force them to create their own ecosystem or worse...
  2. There we go. CHanged it to (Potentially only USA) since the article isn't exactly clear about it.
  3. Looks like it's just USA. But article isn't very clear about it either...
  4. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-huawei-tech-alphabet-exclusive/exclusive-google-suspends-some-business-with-huawei-after-trump-blacklist-source-idUSKCN1SP0NB OOF. Yeah, even here in Canada, I wouldn't want to buy one of them now.
  5. We were going to look on Amazon and Newegg tbh. Found this: https://www.amazon.ca/Intel-mini-NUC7i5BNK-Core-version/dp/B01N4EP1N0 It's a 7th gen Core i5 though. Googled the Skull Canyon and it's huh... Too expensive. Way too expensive. It's now Hades Canyon, btw. Remember: I am in CANADA. Talking Barebone ITX, found these: https://www.newegg.ca/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100008344 8000&IsNodeId=1&Description=NUC&name=Mini-PC Barebone&Order=BESTMATCH&isdeptsrh=1 I will look into these... EDIT OK, if they don't want this, and still want a latop, do you guys have good recommandations? Brand+model I mean. The panel doesn't need to be fancy or anything.
  6. Upgradability is a non-issue. They won't upgrade it, they'll just buy a new one 5 years down the line. We never wanted a full-spec HTPC really; and that's why I'm looking into a NUC. Like I said, dedicated is not mandatory. At this price point, I expect to get an integrated GPU. And I never heard of a MX150 GPU before. Also, like I said, AMD is a big no. Brand loyalty with Intel.
  7. I've seen Best Buy.ca refusing to ship Android boxes to Quebec probably because of the lack of French packaging / device language choice / etc. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charter_of_the_French_Language And yes, no preference on battery life or weight as the thing will be connected to the outlet 100% of the time and won't be carried around.
  8. Disclaimer: I was debating between this forum section or the HTPC section... hopefully this is OK. Hi. So, my dad and bro want to replace a 5-year old laptop in their living room. According to my brother, it's "struggling" (I don't really agree but whatever, their cash - since it's an 2-core 1.9GHz i7 3xxx). Said laptop is struggling with Twitch which is a CPU hog on Firefox. Now, said laptop is used to illegally acquire TV shows (and watch them), play Heartstone, web browsing and some very minimal word processing / printing / scanning. Now, they want a laptop that's beefy enough that it could handle Twitch without amping up its fan to the max. Even though you don't need much for it, my bro is annoyed by the poor performance for Heartstone on it. However, I have thrown the idea of using a HTPC or NUC instead: stealthier and probably fill the needs for something that's going to be outputting to a 1080p Samsung TV. However, the laptop is still an option if the other is getting too expensive or options limited. So, the requirement for the device they want is either a laptop or pre-built NUC/HTPC: - SSD. M2 or SATA. PCIe or not. 256GB minimum. - Beefy enough CPU to handle Twitch CPU hog on Firefox without buffering (no, we won't use Chrome) and improve Heartstone gameplay (animations are lagging and takes a bit long to open at the moment). Looking at Core i5+. They are brand loyal to Intel. So, no AMD options. - Dedicated GPU not mandatory as long as the point just above is filled. - RAM: >=8GB (but more than that will probably awfully uncessary). - If laptop, 900p screen+ but less <4K (neither my dad or my bro believe in 4K, they see it as a gimmick) - HDMI output - No HP machines. The budget would be around 800$-900$CAD. We are "fixated" on Dell offerings... and this is why I need recommandations. If it's not clear enough, we're in Canada and needs to ship in QC (not all place will ship in QC because... French). Thanks y'all in advance.
  9. Thanks. Will look into that at a later date. Cheers.
  10. My bro has Windows 10 Pro. Does that help further?
  11. Thanks for the insight. I think I'm just going to tell my bro to let it on for a day or 2. And you assumed wrong. Can you point me to a guide on how to completely deactivate Windows Update? Thanks.
  12. I hate it for other legitimate reasons and the why I disabled Windows Update to begin with is one of those reasons. You know, as much as I do, that MS love to f*ck up users with botched updates. So, I deactivated it to save me and him the headache. There. Now, back onto topic, is there a way to fix this issue?
  13. Hello guys. So, I built my bro's new PC and, to his dismay, had to install Windows 10. We both hate it. However, one of the first thing I did was to deactivate Windows Update. And then... I installed Windows in French but he always prefered it in English. I went to install the language pack and it error'ed out. So, like, OK, it needs f*ing Windows Update to do that. So I turn it on just to install the language pack. Once installed, I turned the service back off. But then, he has been plaggued by "Something happened, and we couldnt install a feature." Shamelessly stolen screenshot: So, I'd like to have help on figuring that out. I have been on Win7 myself since release so I'm pretty clueless how to solve this without re-enabling Windows Update. Cheers and thanks.