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  1. Everything pictured in the final photo is sealed. The top of the desk has over seven coats of non-glossy polycrylic finish on it. The other parts have about three coats on them.
  2. Thanks! The usual ones are what inspired me. The concept of the computer being both hidden and apart of the desk intrigued me, I just didn't want it that hidden.
  3. I'm hoping I'm aloud to post imgur links. There's way more focus on that portion of the build here if that's your type of thing: https://imgur.com/a/dJK2A6Z
  4. Both CPU and GPU idle at ~27C and max out at around 55C if I keep them under 100% load. Most day to day work loads/gaming see them somewhere between. Because the radiators are not even mounted inside the H440, but rather to the frame of the desk, they pull in fresh air that wasn't run through the computer and exhaust the heat outside of the desk. It runs exceptionally cool all the time.
  5. I've always wanted to build a computer into a desk. My initial plans were much more grand in scale and included a custom water loop. However, that wasn't as easy to upgrade or maintain when built into a desk. From start to finish the project took me about three months of work mostly done on the weekends. The parts of the computer itself are as follows: MOBO - ASUS X370 Prime Pro CPU - Ryzen 1700x RAM - 32GB G-Skill Trident 2400 Mhz CL 15 GPU - EVGA nVidia GTX 980ti PSU - Seasonic - 850W Platinum OS Drive - 512GB Samsung 960 Pro CPU Cooler - NZXT X72 GPU Cooler - NZXT X61 w/ G12 Case - A heaily used NZXT H440 purchased from eBay was harmed in the making this computer desk. I'll do my best to keep this to a mostly computer related affair, but since my computer is inside of a desk, I had to build the desk. I'll start with the basic frame. I should point out that the frame can be taken apart easily (eight total parts) and moved, a requirement since I wouldn't have been able to get it in my door otherwise. Also note the 'rails' that are inside of the frame. This is how I suspend everything. More on that later. This is what it looks like with the top on it . Everyone of course wants to show off their computer, so I had to cut a hole and then route out an indent. I probably measured this more times than I feel comfortable admitting. I custom ordered a tempered glass panel that fits flush in the cutout. So how does all of this fit together? Kind of like this. The cabinet piece is completely separate and is more of a shell that sits around the computer and stands on its own. The computer sits in a bracket that is suspended by the rails built into the frame. The modular approach was important to me so I could move this large creation if I ever needed to. Most of what's left at this point is to build the computer into the desk. I'll spare you the finishing details of the desk and skip onto the good stuff. The computer was something I mostly already had, but it was time add some additional cooling power. I used my existing NZXT x61 to cool my 980ti and the new x72 to cool my Ryzen 1700x. Bother are overpowered for what they cool but I'm fine with that since I might want to upgrade to power hungry parts in the future (Zen 2). I mounted the radiators to the bracket that holds the computer. Then dropped the computer in and hooked everything up! All of the heat is dealt with outside of the case. The GPU and CPU both run at ambient temperature as long as they're not under sustained load. This is it powered on for the first time in its new home. The jankiest part of the whole build is the 'front' panel IO that's actually underneath the desk. This is the only place I could find to put it. It has two USB 3.0 ports, one USB C port, 3.5mm in/out, and an HDMI port. This makes it very easy to use my VR headset. The power and reset buttons are vandal switches, with the halo LED being the power switch/light and the smaller circle LED being the reset/hd button/light. Since these are under my desk, I don't ever see them, which is nice because they're kind of bright. This is all finished. I added two drawers below the computer for storage. I'm happy to answer any questions. Thanks for taking a look.